tab key disruptz mah rainbowz #15

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Seems like lolcat thinks a tab is just one character, but it is 8!!! The rainbow is misaligned! THE HORROR@.@


Can't see the "disruptz mah rainbowz."

lolcat doesn't like frog.


I just tried: echo -e "\ta\tb\tc" | lolcat -

lolcat didn't eat da TAB.


If you compare the first and second lines in that picture, each color is shifted 9 characters between them. Between normal lines, the colors only shift one character per line.


Quote my comment 'Can't see the "disruptz mah rainbowz."'


@tgs Thanks! This will be fixed in the next version.

Until then you can workaround by piping your output through sed 's/\t/ /g before giving it to lolcat.

@m-o-e m-o-e added a commit that closed this issue Mar 30, 2014
@m-o-e m-o-e Translate tab to 8 spaces
Fixes #26, fixes #15
@m-o-e m-o-e closed this in 9b69600 Mar 30, 2014
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