Blockchain-based social network where anyone can earn rewards πŸš€
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economicstudio and Sekhmet fix-reblogged-by (#2150)
post.first_reblogged_by returns null.

should use post.reblogged_by

In addition, to show 'reblogged' in blog (not feed), the current code should be changed. Currently there is no easy way to differentiate if it's feed or blog. But any resteemed post in a blog is easily noticeable by author's name, so not important as reblogged_by in feed.
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.storybook workflow: add storybooks (#2003) Jun 26, 2018
docs chore: update docs (#1911) May 30, 2018
public feat: update invite icon colors (#1941) Jun 2, 2018
scripts use develop as upstream branch (#2035) Jul 4, 2018
src fix-reblogged-by (#2150) Jan 18, 2019
templates Nightmode Styles Complete (#2094) Aug 7, 2018
webpack fix: add missing contenthash to CSS (#1863) May 18, 2018
.babelrc Build process (#1825) May 9, 2018
.editorconfig Configure scripts (#1516) Feb 13, 2018
.env.example Fix signup link (#1513) Feb 12, 2018
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CODEOWNERS add myself as a codeowner (#2103) Aug 18, 2018
Dockerfile Build process (#1825) May 9, 2018
LICENSE Add MIT License Mar 16, 2017
Procfile Added pm2 config Jul 2, 2017 chore: update docs (#1911) May 30, 2018
app.json Remove Sentry and NewRelic (#1599) Mar 6, 2018
circle.yml Reformat codebase (#1277) Dec 28, 2017
crowdin.yaml Use full locale instead of country prefix (#1288) Dec 30, 2017
ecosystem.config.js Build process (#1825) May 9, 2018
package.json Update version in package.json to v2.5.6 (#2102) Aug 18, 2018
setupTests.js Update Busy to React 16.1.0 (#1068) Nov 11, 2017
yarn.lock use npm packages instead of git (#2034) Jul 4, 2018

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Busy πŸš€

Busy is an Open Source social network and communications platform which extends itself to a variety of rich features and functionality including free digital payments and a marketplace for goods and services.

For more info:



Quick Setup

git clone
cd busy

yarn dev

Production build

git clone
cd busy

yarn build
yarn start

Getting involved

We at Busy really appreciate help from the community. We want to make the Busy project as friendly as possible to contributors. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner looking for a place to improve your skills or just want to help us build something great. If you would like to contribute, but don't know what to work on, check our Contributing guide.


Busy is an MIT-licensed open source project. It's an independent project with its ongoing development made possible entirely thanks to the support by these awesome backers.

@steemit @smooth @jamesc @cass @bhuz @twinner @liondani @donkeypong @furion @deanliu @teamsteem @hanshotfirst @exyle @fulltimegeek @shortcut @twinner @sweetsssj @craig @beers @shaka @andu @ourlifestory @delegate @joshbreslauer @aizensou @rubenalexander @roelandp @stellabelle @twinner @pnc @lukestokes @pharesim @buzzbeergeek @timcliff