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Welcome to the BUT4Reuse wiki!

  • twitter.com/but4reuse. Follow the latest news about BUT4Reuse.

  • Installation instructions: Proceed with the installation

  • Quick start!: Follow the simple and illustrative first tutorial.

  • Tutorials: List of tutorials.

  • User manual: How to identify commonality and variability, how to perform feature identification and location, how to perform constraints discovery, how to construct reusable assets, how to change BUT4Reuse preferences.

  • Videos

  • Variant Examples: To be used as example of BUT4Reuse functionalities

  • Benchmarks: A feature location benchmark for software families using Eclipse variants

  • Available Adapters: Ready to use support for several Artefact types


Contributing to the source code: How to contribute to BUT4Reuse core.

FeatureIDE extension for import/export: Variability modeling tool extension for importing feature models and more.

Research publications: About Bottom-Up Technologies for Reuse

Please cite as: Jabier Martinez, Tewfik Ziadi, Tegawendé Bissyandé, Jacques Klein, and Yves Le Traon : Bottom-Up Adoption of Software Product Lines: A Generic and Extensible Approach, 19th International Software Product Line Conference, SPLC 2015, Nashville, TN, US, 20-24 July. [Bib] [pdf]

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