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C and Java source code

  • id: c or java
  • Plugin: org.but4reuse.adapters.sourcecode
  • Adaptable: A folder containing source code
  • Elements: FSTNonTerminalNode and FSTTerminalNode
  • Adapt: FeatureHouse source code visitor
  • Similarity: Feature Structure Tree (FST) positions and names comparison
  • Dependencies: FST nodes containment dependencies. Other dependencies such as Call Dependency Graphs (on-going work)
  • Construct: FeatureHouse extraction creating code fragments
  • Other: We embedded the FeatureHouse library in the adapter. No need to install.

EMF models

  • id: models
  • Plugin: org.but4reuse.adapters.emf
  • Adaptable: EMF model
  • Elements: EMFClassElement, EMFAttributeElement and EMFReferenceElement
  • Adapt: Pre-Order model traversal of containment relations
  • Similarity: EMF DiffMerge operations
  • Dependencies: Container dependency of classes, attributes and references. Referenced elements dependencies.
  • Construct: Use CVLExtractorTutorial to create CVL models. Extra plugin: org.but4reuse.adapters.emf.cvl
  • Other: Requires EMF Diff/Merge v0.3 installation. 0.3 or greater. EMF Diff/Merge v0.3 download. Related documentation can be found as research publication. Check also CVLExtractorTutorial for installing the CVL plugin.

Text lines

  • id: textlines
  • Plugin: org.but4reuse.adapters.textlines
  • Adaptable: Any file that is not a folder
  • Elements: LineElement.
  • Adapt: The file is read line by line
  • Similarity: Levenshtein distance between strings
  • Dependencies: None
  • Construct: Append the line strings to an empty file

File structure

  • id: filestructure
  • Plugin: org.but4reuse.adapters.filestructure
  • Adaptable: Any folder
  • Elements: FileElement and FolderElement (FolderElement extends FileElement)
  • Adapt: Pre-Order tree traversal of its structure
  • Similarity: Name and relative path to the initial folder. Optionally file contents based on MD5 hashing
  • Dependencies: Containment dependency
  • Construct: Copy the resources in a given destination


  • id: images
  • Plugin: org.but4reuse.adapters.images
  • Adaptable: An image file in jpg, bmp, png, gif or ico format.
  • Elements: PixelElement
  • Adapt: Image pixel matrix visitor ignoring completely transparent pixels.
  • Similarity: Pixel cartesian coordinates, color and transparency.
  • Dependencies: A pixel depends on its position.
  • Construct: An image with the selected pixels.
  • Other: Check the Tutorial


  • id: csv
  • Plugin: org.but4reuse.adapters.csv
  • Adaptable: A csv file
  • Elements: CellElement
  • Adapt: csv matrix visitor
  • Similarity: Cell coordinates and String comparison of the value
  • Dependencies: A cell depends on its position.
  • Construct: A csv file with the selected cells.


Eclipse installations adapter

  • id: eclipse
  • Plugin: org.but4reuse.adapters.eclipse
  • Adaptable: Eclipse installation folder
  • Elements: PluginElement and FileElement (PluginElement extends FileElement)
  • Adapt: Eclipse folder structure visitor
  • Similarity: Plugin ids and for the rest of the files, the same as in the filestructure adapter.
  • Dependencies: Plugin required bundles. Fragments have a dependency to the plugin host. Files have a containment dependency.
  • Construct: The selected plugins and files. Adjustment of the configuration file.

Graphs adapter

  • id: graphs
  • Plugin: org.but4reuse.adapters.graphs
  • Adaptable: A GraphML or GML file
  • Elements: VertexElement and EdgeElement
  • Adapt: Blueprints Tinkerpop graph visitor
  • Similarity: Label string similarity. The attributes used for the label can be defined in the adapter user preferences.
  • Dependencies: Vertex dependency based on the edges
  • Construct: Subgraphs creation in GraphML format
  • Other: Uses Blueprints Tinkerpop but we embedded the library in the plugin. No installation needed.

Natural language text

  • id: nltext
  • Plugin: org.but4reuse.adapters.nltext
  • Adaptable: Any file
  • Elements: SentenceElement
  • Adapt: Sentence splitter using OpenNLP library
  • Similarity: WUP natural language comparison similarity
  • Dependencies: None defined
  • Construct: A file with the selected sentences
  • Other: Uses OpenNLP but we embedded the library in the plugin. No installation needed.

Music scores

  • id: music
  • Plugin:
  • Adaptable: MusicXML file
  • Elements: NoteElement
  • Adapt: MusicXML parser
  • Similarity: Same note position in the measure, same pitch and duration. (On-going work)
  • Dependencies: Position (On-going work)
  • Construct: A MusicXML file with the selected notes (On-going work)


  • id: json
  • Plugin: org.but4reuse.adapters.json
  • Adaptable: A JSON file
  • Elements: ObjectElement, KeyElement, ValueElement, ArrayElement, IndexArrayElement
  • Adapt: JSON parser. It adapts the JSON file as a tree.
  • Similarity: The path to the root including array indexes
  • Dependencies: The parent element
  • Construct: A JSON file

Scratch games

  • id: scratch
  • Plugin: org.but4reuse.adapters.scratch
  • Adaptable: The JSON file of the game
  • Elements: ScratchElement
  • Adapt: It uses the JSON parser internally
  • Similarity: The path to the root including array indexes
  • Dependencies: The parent element
  • Construct: A complete sb2 file with the project.json and all the needed resources (images etc.)

Android applications

Not open sourced, ask

Ecore EMF models

Not open sourced, ask

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