Very simple mud written in Google's Dart scripting language.
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Dart-Mud is a very simple Mud based on Google's Dart language.
This is an example of server side scripting.

Please note that this is still in development and not secure in the least!
There are currently encryption for passwords and I do not recommend opening
up this mud to a public interface. Private testing only for the time being.

Also note that this does not implement the full telnet protocol.

Unfortunately this hasn't been kept up-to-date with more recent Dart language
and library updates and it is subject to breakage. Hopefully in the near future
I can find some more time to devote to continuing development and documentation
of this project. It is currently a preview only.

To test out the mud:
* In the Dart Editor, open the folder you stored the mud in. (eg: mud)
* Open the DartMud.dart file and run it from the editor.
* In a console/terminal window, telnet to localhost port 5700
(eg: telnet localhost 5700)

Create a new account when logging in (there are no default accounts provided).
Once logged in, use the 'help' command to see what commands are available to

To properly terminate the mud, rather than using the IDE tools to stop the
execution, use the 'shutdown' command while connected to the mud.

(licencing and such files to be added soon.)