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* Connection class is a wrapper around the client socket connection
* this wrapper provides some convenience functions and automatically.
* Connection is part of the base server and not dependant on the
* mudlib itself.
class Connection {
Socket _sock;
StringInputStream _strInput;
* Constructs a new Connection initialized with a base socket.
* (Created by on a new connection to ServerSocket.
* Creates an internal StringInputStream from the received socket
* and assigns a default onError handler for the socket.
Connection(this._sock) {
_strInput = new StringInputStream(_sock.inputStream);
_sock.onError = (Exception e) {
print("An error has occurred with Connection#$_sock:");
* Reassigns the onLine function for Socket to [func].
* Used when we need to modify default command processing behaviour,
* such as when using internal line editor.
set onLine(Function func) => _strInput.onLine = func;
/** Write [str] to remote client. Useful for prompting user. */
int write(String str) {
List<int> strCodes = str.charCodes();
_sock.writeList(strCodes, 0, strCodes.length);
/** Write [str] to remote client. Terminates with a newline character */
int writeLine(String str) => write("$str\n");
/** Returns input line from remote client */
String readLine() => _strInput.readLine().trim();
/** Notifies and closes remote client's connection */
void close() {
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