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Bash script, which helps to remove telemetry and do system more private and secure
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Ubuntu Telemetry-Free, Privacy and Secure

This Bash script just removes pre-installed Telemetry and pre-installed software and libs with potentional or high risk. Script removes them to make you experience better and more secure. Also, the script installs additional software for protection.

Please do not imagine it secures your machine against serious adversaries however.

This script does:

  • System update and software upgrade
  • Amazon & advert web apps removing
  • AptUrl Removing ( tool, which gives possibilities to start installation by clicking on url, can be executed with js, which is not secure)
  • Guest session disable for LightDM
  • Remote login disable for LightDm
  • DNS encryption (dnscrypt-proxy) [should to be manually configured and added to ufw. Just read the end of the script and google "How To Install DNSCrypt on Ubuntu"]
  • FireWall (UFW) [should to be manually configured for another your software]
  • Antivirus (ClamAV)
  • Brute Force protection (Fail2Ban)
  • Basic Telemetry Removing (ZeitGeist) and unsecure libs and pre-installed software with high and potentional risks (like, for example, Vino - VNC server for remote desktop sharing and system control or libhttp-daemon-perl - http server for perl or gdbserver - remote tool for gnome debug. Some software have a potentional risks (better to remove, if you don't use it, because of opening ports, for example. Please, read the comments in the script and use only strings, that you need)
  • Additional recomendations (about firefox plugins, sandbox for software, own latest kernel from sources for your system, etc.)

How to use:

  1. Download all files
  2. Make executable with sudo chmod +x command.
  3. Read all code in the file and uncomment some commands, if you need them, and comment strings, which you don't want to use, save the changes.
  4. Execute the script from terminal: sudo ./

What to do more:

  • Install additional plugins to firefox, like this:
    • Privacy Badger
    • Ghostery
    • Self-destructing cookies
    • NoScript
    • HTTPS everywhere
    • PrivaConf (also google "Firefox Debloat in about:config" and manually switch off some problems)
  • Remove any software, that you don't use
  • Configure SandBox-like systems for some not-well proprietary software like, for example, skype. Learn AppArmor, SeLinux and try to implement it
  • Configure manually the kernel and compile it from source with modules, that you need only

Thank you!

Thank you for your interest to the script. Any issues, advices and pull requests are welcome.

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