A simple database abstraction layer in PHP
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==              Database.class.php                  ==
==              @author Phil Butterworth            ==

DataLayer is a simple php database abstraction layer 
over PHP PDO. This class is intended to enable the
developer using it, quick and easy access to their database.
DataLayer currently provides the following functionality.

- Connect to mysql or postgres.
- Disconnect from the database.
- Reconnect/Switch connections.
- Prepare a query for execution.
- Bind a value to the query.
- Execute the query.
- Retrieve a record at a time as a stdClass object.
- Begin a transaction (Check your drivers support this for your database vendor).
- Commit a transaction.
- Rollback a transaction.
- Check if you're still in a transaction.

Check the issues section of the git repo to see what else is outstanding and the as I'll begin
document the functions available with params and return values etc.

You're free to download this class and use it in your applications as you see fit but it is provided
without any warranty what so ever.