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Buttercup Project Roadmap


This repository is a living record of current and future work being undertaken for the Buttercup credentials management platform. Information here details the official direction of the project and its maintainers.

The purpose of this roadmap is clarity and transparency: Security is a hot topic and investing in solutions can be difficult. Having Buttercup's roadmap laid out in plain sight is an effort to gain and sustain trust between the end users and the project maintainers. Community members are free to comment, question and make suggestions regarding anything they see appear on the horizon, as well as to suggest possible new directions for the project to embark upon.

To get started, check out the Buttercup overall roadmap.

Communication guidelines

Please be respectful and unassuming when commenting or making suggestions here. If something is unclear in the roadmap it is either because it has not yet been fully considered or it is simply an oversight - we'll try make everything as clear as we can.

We encourage everyone to participate in discussions regarding work being done on Buttercup, so please help make sure the environment is a friendly and welcoming one. Poor or offensive attitudes won't be tolerated.