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Widget Constants

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  • Icons

    • FormWizard::ICON_NEXT defaults to '<i class="formwizard-arrow-right-alt1-ico"></i>'.
    • FormWizard::ICON_PREV defaults to '<i class="formwizard-arrow-left-alt1-ico"></i>'.
    • FormWizard::ICON_FINISH defaults to '<i class="formwizard-check-alt-ico"></i>'.
    • FormWizard::ICON_ADD defaults to '<i class="formwizard-plus-ico"></i>'.
    • FormWizard::ICON_RESTORE defaults to '<i class="formwizard-restore-ico"></i>'.
  • Step Types

    • FormWizard::STEP_TYPE_DEFAULT defaults to 'default'.
    • FormWizard::STEP_TYPE_TABULAR default to 'tabular'.
    • FormWizard::STEP_TYPE_PREVIEW default to 'preview'.
  • Themes

    • FormWizard::THEME_DEFAULT defaults to 'default'.
    • FormWizard::THEME_DOTS defaults to 'dots'.
    • FormWizard::THEME_ARROWS defaults to 'arrows'.
    • FormWizard::THEME_CIRCLES defaults to 'circles'.
    • FormWizard::THEME_MATERIAL defaults to 'material'.
    • FormWizard::THEME_MATERIAL_V defaults to 'material-v'.
    • FormWizard::THEME_TAGS defaults to 'tags'.
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