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Button Android Deep Link Commerce

Button DeepLink Commerce


Button DeepLink Commerce enables rich cross-application functionality initiated from drop-in Buttons. Buttons act as the entry point to highly-contextual, fully attributed actions across apps.

The DeepLink Commerce (DLC) SDK provides full functionality for both sending and receiving users, attributed within the DLC network.

Add a Button to your app, pass it some context and it will render & display itself. e.g...

Ride use-case with an end-location

Getting started

Gradle integration

We highly recommend that you use our SDK with Gradle, all you need to do is make sure you have jcenter() as one of your app's repositories.

repositories {

Latest version: Download.

dependencies {
    // Add the Button SDK dependency to the list of dependencies, 
    // you can see the latest version in the badge above
    // Replace + with this number, e.g. 1.0.0
    compile 'com.usebutton:android-sdk:+'

Manual integration

But you can also include us manually by dropping our aar into you /libs folder, click Download to get the latest version.

Next Steps

  1. Get an Application ID by signing up here:
  2. Follow the DeepLink Commerce Integration Guide to get DLC in your app!

You can find the full SDK Documentation here.


You can find relevant example code and a fully working sample application in our button-android-sample repository.

Release notes

5.6.0 Docs

  • Support for getting action with merchant Id
  • Misc improvements

5.5.0 Docs

  • New events persistence (from file to database)
  • Fix for stale intents in install notification
  • Viewed event for custom UI buttons
  • Fix for potential crash after attended install

5.3.1 Docs

  • New loading state
  • Fix for flicker in InteractiveButton

5.3.0 Docs

  • Misc improvements & bug fixes

5.2.0 Docs

  • A brand new Button - InteractiveButton
  • Misc bug fixes

5.1.1 Docs

  • Bug fix related to persisted events

4.3.5 Docs

  • Bug fix related to persisted events
  • Fix for ViewPager and support-v4:24.0.0 crashing

5.1.0 Docs

  • Post-install notification to make the install process better
  • Deprecated SDK order reporting, please see our developer docs.

5.0.1 Docs

  • Fix for crash with support-v4:24.0.0 due to incorrect handling of decor views in ViewPager

5.0.0 Docs

  • A number of performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

4.3.4 Docs

  • Bug fixes related to handling incoming deep links and language change

4.3.2 Docs

  • Bug fixes
  • Preview heading

4.3.1 Docs

  • Fixed bug when trying to install app on Genymotion (NPE)

4.3.0 Docs

  • Reduced network usage for event reporting
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Support for intent flags for invoking custom UI

4.2.0 Docs

  • Removed dependency on CardView and compat-v7

4.1.5 Docs

  • Removed backup attribute from AndroidManifest
  • Ability to disable interaction on the ButtonDropin

4.1.3 Docs

  • Fixed attribution bug

4.1.0 Docs

  • Make your own buttons
  • Significant performance improvements
  • Disk based caching of images

4.0.0 Docs

  • Automatic intent handling of incoming deep links
  • Line item reporting
  • BETA support for a new feature

3.2.0 Docs

  • Improved network access
  • Misc improvements

3.1.0 Docs

  • Minor bug fixes and improvement

3.0.1 Docs

  • Ability to report custom attribution events

3.0.0 Docs

  • Introduced new structured taxonomy for context

2.3.0 Docs

  • Added ability to set your own user ID via setThirdPartyId.
  • Improved caching and reduced network traffic

2.2.1 Docs

  • Minor bug fix.

2.2.0 Docs

  • New card type
  • Button text styling

2.1.0 Docs

  • Dynamic inventory item cells
  • Support for 9-patch backgrounds
  • Support for gravity in Button
  • Misc bug fixes and performance improvements

2.0.1 Docs

  • Option to create, style and add a ButtonDropin by code instead of layout XML.
  • Misc bug fixes.

2.0.0 Docs

  • Debug logging to verify & debug Button integration
  • Full support for grouped inventory, stay tuned for new integrations!
  • btn_ namespace on all attributes to avoid collision. Note: breaking change from 1.n.n, see Integration Docs for details.

1.5.0 Docs

  • Grouped inventory commerce card support.

1.4.1 Docs

  • Delayed all SDK init until app foreground to support frequent BroadcastReceivers

1.4.0 Docs

  • Modest bug fixes and performance improvements

1.3.2 Docs

  • Removed obsolete permission

1.3.1 Docs

  • Fixed missing dialog background

1.3.0 Docs

  • New languages can now be switched on remotely
  • Buttons are now cached for fasting loading
  • SDK reporting and configuration behaviors can be updated remotely
  • Assorted minor performance improvements
  • Resolves issue where tapping on a card can cause a crash on Android 4.0

1.2.0 Docs

  • DLC Recipient Functionality (Production)
  • Button now supports localization for Turkish, Portuguese, Russian & Spanish
  • Custom font support for your Button

1.1.0 Docs

  • DLC Recipient Functionality (BETA)
  • Minor bugfixes
  • More reliable fetching of Identifier for Advertiser

1.0.0 Docs

  • First public release of the DLC SDK
  • Supports Uber ride picker
  • Supports generic promotions and install cards