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Open-source, cross-platform libraries and applications for intimate hardware control, including sex toys, health devices, and more.

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  1. Documentation of protocols and server architecture for the Buttplug Sex Toy Control System

    JavaScript 79 7

  2. Rust Implementation of the Buttplug Sex Toy Control Protocol

    Rust 139

  3. C# (.Net Framework 4.7/Standard 2.0) Implementation of Buttplug Client/Server

    C# 41 26

  4. Typescript/Javascript library for accessing buttplug servers via node or websockets

    TypeScript 46 7

  5. Python implementation of core message system and client for the Buttplug Sex Toy Protocol Standard

    Python 7 1

  6. Sex Toys Protocols I Have Known And Loved - Documentation of Reverse Engineered Protocols for Commercial Sex Hardware

    JavaScript 27 10

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