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This project has been deprecated and archived. It is an implementation of an older version of the Android server that is no longer compatible with newer Buttplug updates and libraries. A new Android system is planned for buttplug-rs (no timeline is available on this), and information will be posted in the buttplug-rs and buttplug-rs-ffi repos as it becomes available.

Buttplug - Android Server Implementation

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Buttplug is a framework for hooking up hardware to interfaces, where hardware usually means sex toys, but could honestly be just about anything. It's basically a userland HID manager for things that may not specifically be HID.

Table Of Contents

Support The Project

If you find this project helpful, you can support Metafetish projects via Patreon! Every donation helps us afford more hardware to reverse, document, and write code for!

Buttplug Spec and Documentation

Buttplug implementations are available in multiple languages (rust, javascript, etc)/frameworks/platforms. For a full list of documentation, libraries, and applications, see the README in the main buttplug repo.

Other Buttplug Implementations

Buttplug implementations are available in multiple languages (C#, Rust, Javacript, etc)/frameworks/platforms. For a full list, see the README in the main Buttplug repo.


Buttplug is BSD 3-Clause licensed. More information is available in the LICENSE file.


Java Implementation of Buttplug server for Android




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