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@qdot qdot released this Sep 24, 2018 · 8 commits to master since this release

Buttplug C# is a new minor release of the C# libraries and applications.

(Moved from Ignore source code links on this release, they will be invalid.)


  • Added Hardware Support
    • Vorze UFO SA
    • LiBo Whale
    • MysteryVibe Crescendo
    • Cyclone X10 (USB)
    • Kiiroo Onyx 2
  • Added name prefix device searching (Hopefully fixes Lovense update problems)
  • Rename WebsocketServer to Server in preparation for IPC
  • Add signal multiplier to GVR, for games with light vibration
  • Add controller passthru to GVR, to allow turning off gamepad rumble when routing to toys


  • Remove ping checking from Server to stop background tab disconnects
    on webbrowsers
  • Move all .Net Standard project to .Net 4.7
  • Update dependencies
  • Change server GUI from disappearing to disabling on server stop
  • Clear last error on server on successful connect or server start
  • Fix lockup when closing applications that use the device tab and have a device scan going
  • Fix crash when device names is missing in friendly name tables
  • Fix crash when trying to open link on systems without a browser selected.
  • Fix crash when Crypto key can't be written to disk
  • Fix crash when Trancevibrator registry lookup returns unexpected types
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