Python Implementation of the Erostek ET312 Serial Protocol
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Python implementation of serial based control of the following devices:

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Using pyserial 3.1.1 (thought may work with pyserial 2.6+, but untested)

Buttshock Project Goals

If you're going to shock yourself in the butt (or other places) for sexual pleasure, don't you want to be able to know exactly what and how you're doing it? Even if you can't understand it, wouldn't it be nice for people that do to have access to the knowledge and data they need to make sure things are safe? Why is the best encryption open source, but electrostim toys are closed?

The Buttshock project exists to reverse engineer and document eletrostim devices so that any developer that wants to control their devices can, via their own code.

Some of the goals of this project include:

  • Documenting the communications protocols (serial or otherwise)
  • Reverse engineering the firmware (where possible)
  • Mapping the circuit boards and creating schematics


To install:

$ pip install buttshock --upgrade

Package is also available on PyPi at

Python Implementation Details

Documentation for serial link cable construction and more information about the ET-312B protocol is available at:

This library was developed and tested using a ET-312B running v1.6 firmware. The ET-232 and 2B libraries are untested, but please let us know if you've used them and they do/don't work!


buttshock-py requires the pyserial library if you want to actually connect via serial. This dependency should be installed via

However, the library is built to abstract the raw box protocols from the communication medium, so it can pass packets for each box over whatever medium you like. For instance, you could create a network class that talks to a daemon that communicates with a serial port, if needed.

Repo Contents

This repo contains the following:

  • src - Source code for the library
  • examples - Example code that uses the library


buttshock-py uses the Tox library for test environment setup, test execution, documentation building, and other automated tasks.

To run project tests:

$ tox --skip-missing-interpreters

To create documentation:

$ tox -e docs


tl;dr: BSD 3-Clause license

Copyright (c) 2016, Buttshock Project

See LICENSE file for full text.