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express = require("express")
messages = require("express-messages")
app = module.exports = express.createServer()
app.set "views", __dirname + "/views"
app.set "view engine", "jade"
app.mounted (other) ->
console.log "ive been mounted!"
messages: messages
base: ->
(if "/" == app.route then "" else app.route)
app.configure ->
app.use express.logger("\u001b[33m:method\u001b[0m \u001b[32m:url\u001b[0m :response-time")
app.use express.bodyParser()
app.use express.methodOverride()
app.use express.cookieParser()
app.use express.session(secret: "keyboard cat")
app.use app.router
app.use express.static(__dirname + "/public")
app.use express.errorHandler(
dumpExceptions: true
showStack: true
require("./routes/site") app
require("./routes/post") app
if not module.parent
app.listen 3000
console.log "Express started on port 3000"
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