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When my cousin asked me to set up a Web site for her company, with the requirement that she be able to easily and frequently add content, I knew that giving her write access to a bunch of HTML files wouldn't cut it. While tried-and-true WordPress could be a solution, the admin dashboard can be somewhat overwhelming for someone who only wants to make frequent micro-updates of varied content.

So, I thought about it, when I realised: what's the most user-friendly and feature-packed content management system that everyone already knows? The Graph API made it trivial to set up, and after writing the initial code, I can be guaranteed that any further assistance or instruction on my part won't be necessary for anything menial.

If I had more time to work on this, for sure there's a lot I'd work on in the implementation, but what's here now seems to do exactly what it was meant to do reliably (though I'll gladly accept commits!); only time will prove the effectiveness of such an approach.

Home (About/News): Name, Description, and Links on Facebook Page

Videos: YouTube

Photos: Photos on Facebook Page + WordPress with this plugin ( and wordpress.css stylesheet

Microblogging: Tumblr

Sidebar Tweets: Twitter

Else: $name.txt

How to set up Facebook CMS:

  • Create private (unpublished) Facebook Page

  • Create throwaway Facebook account and make it an admin

  • Use Graph API Explorer to generate access token with offline_access permission for the throwaway account

  • Copy and paste the access token into the facebook function in

  • Configure WordPress and update WordPress domain in

Now, any Facebook user with admin rights to the Page will be able to modify the site; just navigate to http://$domain/update to push any changes live.

Bonus: if you fork this repo and configure your Web server user's public key with GitHub (www-data on my Ubuntu/Apache machine), site backups are automatically thrown into revision control.