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A simple Autobot to bump your inactive threads once in 24 hours on BitcoinTalk. I have seen some service providers(Decepticons) on BitcoinTalk who provide this service. But, Personally, I think the costs of those services are not worth for the actual service. It is very simple bot and why not to give for free?

So does this repo born. An opensource to auto-bump your inactive threads. If you can contribute, well, you're always welcome to the community ;)

Oh, here is my BitcoinTalk link to contact me. Let me know what you think ;D

Get Started

  1. Download/Clone this repo.
  2. Configure data
  3. Add Threads
  4. Add cron on your server to run cron.php with duration on your preference.


Well. Let's say this is version 0.0, shall we? That's bad, what happened to professionalism?


  1. 0.1(beta)
  2. 0.2(beta)

Configure Data

All configure-able data are available in data.json file.

Sample config looks like

     "file": "data.json",
     "settings": {
         "username": "bitcointalk username",
         "password": "base64 encoded password",
         "cookieLength": "-1",
         "msgToPost": "BUMP"
     "messages": {
       "folder":"Absolute path of the folder of text files",
        "Message 1",
        "Message 2",
        "Message 3",
        "Message 4"
     "threads": [{
         "url": "url to your thread"

Username and Password

Under settings add you username and password to your BitcoinTalk account. And beware, you must add your password as Base64 Encoded. You can do that here!


I think you have guessed how to add threads to data.json file.


Each thread should be a json object, like:

 "url":"url to your thread"

Add this thread object to the threads array on data.json file.

"threads": [
   "url": "Your thread URL"
   "url": "Your second thread URL"

Message to Post on Thread

From the version 0.2, you can add Custom Message to post to the thread. Don't worry if you have older version data file, it'll defaultly take the BUMP message from the Settings object. Well, if you want some custom message to post to your thread instead of BUMP, you can easily do that in previous version too, by using "msgToPost" variable available in "settings" object. But, you can give only string. I just think, it'd be cool if you can post some different message to different thread of yours. It's boring to post same message to all threads, eh! BUMP!! BUMP!! BUMP!! aaaaahh. ** Alright, let's get to the point.**

"messages": {
 "folder":"Absolute path of the folder of text files",
  "Message 1",
  "Message 2",
  "Message 3",
  "Message 4"

"isFolder": can contain either TRUE or FALSE. Tells the system whether text is available as files in a folder.

"folder": Absolute path of the folder where all files exist.

"texts": This is a backup system. If folder fails or you don't want to create numerous files with large texts, you can use this function to provide a array of string with messages.

Okay. The system works like:

  1. It checks for the "isFolder" for true. If it's true, then read the files from the given "folder".
  2. If above condition is false, then it'll look into "texts" array to fetch all give strings(messages).
  3. If above two condition fails, it'll take the default message "msgToPost" from "settings" object.

From the available options taken above, system will take any one randomly to post reply to the given thread.

Adding Cron Job

Adding cron job differes on each Operating System and Hosting providers.

Aah.. you get the point and search according to your situation.


This repo is being provided under MIT and you can find the License here.


I think you forgot what you read up! This is opensource. Well, Donation? Sorry, NOT ACCEPTED(hehe).


I'll add all people who contributed to this repo.

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