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A module for MagicMirror that displays the current playing song on a remote MPRIS2 capable machine
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Magic Mirror Module - A module for Magic Mirror that displays the current playing song on a machine that exposes the MPRIS2 interface by WebSocket (which is another script I've wrote)



  1. Clone repository into ../modules/ inside your MagicMirror folder.
  2. Add the module to the Magic Mirror config.
  module: "MMM-MPRIS2-WebSocket",
  position: "top_left",
  header: "Playing now",
  config: {
    host : <host of target machine>,
    port : <port of target machine>
  1. Run This script on your target machine, see below for autostart with systemd.
  2. Done! Start playing a song with a MPRIS-capable player and it should show up.

Configuration parameters

  • host : The machine that has the info on which song is playing, required
  • port : The port of the remote machine that is running the script, default is 9000
  • retryInterval : How long in milliseconds it should wait before trying to make a new connection if the remote server isn't answering or the connection has been dropped, default is 5 minutes

Systemd unit to have autostart of the server

  1. Create a file mpris2websocket.service in ~/.local/share/systemd/user and make it executable with the following:
Description=MPRIS2 Websocket Controller

ExecStart=<absolute folder for script>/ -n <netmask to allow>

  1. Reload units systemctl --user daemon-reload
  2. Enable it by running systemctl --user enable mpris2websocket.service
  3. Start it by running systemctl --user start mpris2websocket.service
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