Rendering totally broken on ST2 #159

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Rendering totally broken on ST2 Mac OS X 10.8.4: tabs, sidebar, search and anything.

Everything fucked up!

I've tried to reinstall Soda with custom Monokai theme – nothing helped. But everything works fine with ST2 Default theme.

Your theme is the best, guys, so I really need your help.


+1. This hit me too


Running ST 2.0.2 Build 2221 on a Windows 7 machine, affecting me as well


Have you tried completely quitting Sublime Text and restarting the app?

There are some more details in the troubleshooting section of the wiki:


Ckeck ignored_packages in Settings - User and remove "Theme - Soda". I had an empty list, but today there are many packages out there.


@buymeasoda mea culpa. By some reasons "Theme Soda" was added to Ignored packages list in User Preferences. Removing it out of this list repaired ST2.
Thanks a lot!

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The ignored_packages thing that seems to have been cropping up recently must be an issue with Package Manager. I saw this issue earlier today and was about to comment about checking to make sure it wasn't in the ignored packages array but had stopped myself since I had only seen this happen in ST3 and not 2.


Yeah, I think you're right. Package Manager showed me an update message before this issue. Seems that PM added Soda Theme to ignored packages.


I had the same issue on Ubuntu. Removing it from the Ignored Packages fixed it for me as well.


Same issue here -- yes, there were entries in my ignored_packages settings - I'll try removing and see if it works.

Here's a link to a sublime_package_control issue 564 that seems related.

Edit: Here's a ST2 forum post currently unanswered - showing pretty much the symptom I was seeing.


Same problem here.

ST2 showed a update message before this issue. I was about to open a new issue and then found this. Removing it from the Ignored Packages fixed it.


that was a terrifying half hour... thanks for getting to the bottom of this guys!


+1 same problem! #160
Why this issue close ?


I'm going to reopen this so people having the same experience can easily find it.

I've submitted a post to the Sublime Text forum explaining the situation and looking for solutions. You can find more details about why this happens there. Please add any suggestions if you have them to that post.

The issue is not specific to Soda Theme. It will happen to any active theme each time that theme is updated. I'm hoping I can find a solution either via Package Control, or having something adjusted for Sublime Text core.

Until then, the best solution is to:

  1. Let the theme update complete fully, then quit and restart Sublime Text (watch the Package Control activity indicator in the status bar, bottom left)

  2. If the theme is still not rendering correctly after restart, check the theme is not in the ignored_packages list in your user preferences file. If it is, remove it and quit / restart sublime

There's also some additional information in the troubleshooting section of the wiki:

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Yes thank you , mine just went haywire and did this as well, I had a bunch of stuff get put into ignore, i think it had to do with my package installer checking for updates unsuccessfully, ( it notably failed over and over on a few )

Thanks for the tip.


Same issue on Windows 8


Thank you for the tip!


Oh man couldnt use my st2 for weeks now and finally found the fix for it. Thanks, gedit started to get so annoying.


Thanks guys! Thought it was just my machine then I finally thought of looking at the repo. Removing the ignored packages from my User Preferences did the trick!


I had the same issue today, but it was some other package messing with things. I started uninstalling old/unused ones and it fixed the issue (tough i suspect it was a package called soda-color-schemes that was messing things up)

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Thanks for the tip, I just run the upgrade package, it actually upgrade the soda theme, and now its fully working!

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