Theme challenges and ideas

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Some notes about current Sublime Text 2 theme challenges, potential limitations, and general theme design questions that have come up while doing the work for the Soda Theme.

Current Theme Challenges

Retina UI tab display while dragging

Retina tabs issues

Bookmark, Mark and Code Fold icon customisation

The Bookmark, Mark and Code Fold icons seem to have hard coded path references to the image assets located in the Default Theme folder. There doesn't appear to be theme API rules to alter this, so at this stage the Bookmark, Mark and Code Fold icons don't appear to be themeable.

Gutter icons

Sidebar File / Folder icons

Is it possible to allow the file and folder rows in the sidebar to have a background images configurable via the theme? This would allow the sidebar entries to be styled with icons.

Theme Clarifications

There were some areas that I couldn't figure out where they applied. They may be left over artifacts from earlier Sublime Text 1 / 2 work, or I might have missed the associated UI components.

Unused / Unknown Images

I'm not entirely sure about the following images. As noted above, the "Mark" and "Bookmark" images don't appear to be loaded from the theme, or at least, the rules aren't present in the Default Theme that point to these files.

What is the difference between these two and which one is used for the "Mark" icon?


Completed Theme Challenges

Quick panel rendering

DONE There is a rendering issue with the quick panel row background when showing long result text.

Quick panel issues


DONE FOR SOME UI FONTS (Build: 2084) Is it possible to expose configuring of font sizes for different UI sections? For example, the ability to adjust the quick panel font sizes in the results list.

DONE FOR SOME UI FONTS (Build: 2087) Not sure if this is even a possibility, but being able to selectively specify text rendering with an inset style highlight, or drop shadow would be great.

DONE (Build: 2112) Ability to disable the sidebar animations.

Dirty file indicator dot

DONE (Build: 2144) Can the inline dot / dirty file indicator be disabled by a theme? Because of the custom dirty file indicator in Soda Theme, there is a "dot double up".

Dirty file indicator

Find / Replace Labels

DONE (Build: 2084) The label text for the Find / Replace buttons is fixed to white and can't be changed via the theme API.

DONE (Files removed) Are these used by any UI components, or are the left over images?



Soda theme questions

Text backgrounds

DONE (Build: 2141) Background colours appear behind label text for tabs and code completion menu.

Text background colour

Text field overflow

Text field overflow

Search panel

Button artifact

Text field colours

Text field colours

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