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Parasite MUGEN character
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DC Comics' Parasite
Version: 2.2 (1/2/2012)

Created by Buyog2099 and Jet the Phoenix, with help from pretty much the entire Scruffy Dragon team, for the MUGEN DC vs Marvel project


	Things that will hack me off related to the use of this character:
	- Don't host it on your site unless you ASK me first, and give me
		proper credit. Email isn't hard, and I'll probably say yes,
		so don't be afraid to ask. =P
	- If you got this character from somewhere other than 
		or my site,, it's quite possible that it's been hacked and/or modified
		without my permission, and not all the moves and animations may be very good.
		Best to get it from a trusted source and be confident in its integrity.


Rudy Jones was a simple man, a janitor for S.T.A.R. Labs, who made the mistake 
of thinking he could open a radioactive waste container to steal something 
valuable. Instead, the radiation transformed him into a monster with an 
insatiable appetite for human life force. When he learned he could also gain 
knowledge and abilities from his victims, well, all the better -- and when he 
found Superman, he knew he'd hit the jackpot.

Over the years, Rudy's also picked up the ability to feed off of other sources 
of energy, like heat and light, and to retain the powers he steals for longer 
periods of time. 


Parasite's got the typical "Capcom Versus" 6-button play style:
x - Weak Punch (WP)
y - Medium Punch (MP)
z - Hard Punch (HP)
a - Weak Kick (WK)
b - Medium Kick (MK)
c - Hard Kick (HK)

d,u:    Super Jump (KKK will trigger it too)
f,f:    Dash Forward
b,b:    Dash Back

Rudy was originally developed on WinMUGEN, but this release sees him updated to 
support MUGEN 1.0. He should work fine in both environments; if you have issues, let me know.


 - Projectile Absorb: WP+WK
	Rudy catches any incoming projectile, if he can (not all projectiles are absorbable), 

 - Feeding Time: QCB + P/K
	Rudy dashes forward to grab P2. If he connects, he drains some of his opponent's health, 
	as well as any special powers, energy, or skills that person possesses.

 - Stolen Power (varies): QCF + P/K
	Rudy activates whatever special attack is associated with his current power set
    (or, if he hasn't got a special in that power set, he'll complain to you about it)

 - Feeding Frenzy (air or ground): HP+WK or WP+HK
	Simple dash attack where you try to jump your opponent by surprise and drain their lifeforce away; 
	whatever lifeforce you manage to steal adds to your power bar.


 - (lvl1) Stolen Power (varies): QCF + PP/KK
	Rudy activates whatever hyper is associated with his current power set
    (or, if he hasn't got a hyper in that power set, he'll complain to you about it)

 - (lvl1) Quick Snack: QCB + PP/KK
    Rudy dashes offscreen to get a new power to replace one he's already got

 - (lvl3) Power Overload: F,D,DF + punch & kick of equal strength
    Rudy crouches down, pulling all of the ambient power he can draw, then jumps up and lets it all go 
    in a single, damaging burst


Near the bottom of the screen you'll notice two overlapping "mouths" that 
represent the two power slots that can be filled by other character's moves: 
one is filled and activated with the punch buttons, the other with the kicks.
The slots are pre-filled at the start of the first round with a couple of 
random powers, but these can be changed. A slot is filled when Rudy connects a 
Feeding Time attack and has sufficient time to drain his opponent's energy; he 
then gains at least one special move and one hyper for that character, and 
sometimes other bonuses as well (for example, the Spider-Man power set allows 
him to wall-jump, and Superman's power set lets him fly). However, you may also 
get that character's weakness... like Superman's susceptibility to Kryptonite!
For the current list of power sets and their properties, see the POWER SETS 
section further down the page.


Capcom-style chain combos work for standing, crouching, and air:
1. WP+MP+SP: you can chain the three punches together, weakest to strongest, for a 3 hit combo.
2. WK+MK+SK: like the punches, you can chain the three kicks together as well.
3. (in air) WP+WK+MP+MK+SP: The basic "zigzag" combo. Chains up to 6 hits.

Launcher: Crouching HP


Parasite's current power set system
last updated: 1/2/2012

(Key: ALL CAPS means it's in and fully implemented; 
      lower case means it's only partially -- or not at all -- done yet)

x   Versus:             Special:            Hyper:                  Passive:
0   Parasite            (steals whatever power the other Rudy has in that slot already. >:})
2   Batman              BAT UPPERCUT        BAT PLAGUE
4   Flash               SUPERSPEED PUNCH    Speed Force             HASTE, ANY BASIC ATTACK CAN COMBO INTO ANY OTHER
5   Green Lantern (all) RING STRIKE         RING SLINGING
6   Ice                 ICICLE EDGE         ABSOLUTE ZERO           WALL JUMP
7   Lobo                rotgut              MAIN MEN                SLOW HEALING FACTOR
8   Plastic Man         stone fists         PLASTIC BALL            Basic attacks have extended range
9   Etrigan             FLAMING CHARGE      dancing blazes
11  Darkseid            OMEGA BLAST         omega sanction
12  Superboy            TK LIFT             SUPERIOR TK
13  Sinestro            RAVENOUS BEAM       NEEDLE STORM
14  Bizarro             ICE VISION          HEAT BREATH
15  Aquaman             SONIC WAVE          whale/shark summon
16  Doomsday            adaptive evolution  asteroid smash
17  Poison Ivy          TOXIC KISS          IVY TOWER
18  The Atom            SUBATOMIC           subatomic adventure
19  Martian Manhunter   INTANGIBILITY       FERNUS THE BURNING
20  Shazam/Cap.Marvel   electric charge     lightning summon
21  Starfire            STAR SPHERE         Koriand'r Special
22  Bane                charging fist       bat-breaker
23  Eradicator          FLYING PUNCH        PLASMA BEAM
24  Vixen               ELECTRIC EEL        elephant charge
25  Mongul              Earthquake          Mongul's insanity
26  Red Lantern         PLASMA VOMIT        CHAINS OF RAGE
27  Orange Lantern      SELFISH GRAB        orange corps
28  Indigo Lantern      TELEPORT            ENFORCED EMPATHY
29  Star Sapphire       STASIS CRYSTAL      love conquers all
30  Black Lantern       corrupting touch (grapple with effects like BL Hal's Skull Swarm)
                                            lifeforce boost (take all available power bar and add that much lifeforce)

51  Capt. America       STARS-N-STRIPES     FINAL JUSTICE
52  Hulk                GAMMA CHARGE        HULK SMASH              super armor
53  Thor                THUNDERSTRIKE       mystic rainfall
54  Spider-Man          WEB BALL            maximum spider          WALL JUMP
55  Iron Man            PLASMA BEAM         nano assault
56  Crystal             BUBBLE TRAP         element storm
57  Sandman             SAND BLAST          SPIRAL SLASH
58  Wolverine           BERSERKER BARRAGE   weapon x                SLOW HEALING FACTOR
60  Dr. Doom            TELEPORT            photon array
61  Ghost Rider         FLAME BREATH        PENANCE STARE
62  Strong Guy          PINHEAD             HYPER BLANKA ENVY
63  Thanos              FIRE STOMP          stone walls
64  Deadpool            HEALING TAUNT       HARD TO KILL
65  Juggernaut          EARTHQUAKE          power up                super armor
66  Mr. Fantastic       ELASTIC SLAM        pliable pounder         All basic attacks have extended range
67  Invisible Woman     INVISIBILITY        COSMIC DUST             AIR JUMP
68  The Thing           YANCY ST SPECIAL    CLOBBERIN' TIME
69  Human Torch         FIREBALL            INFERNO BLAST
70  Silver Surfer       POWER COSMIC        GALACTIC MIGHT
71  Venom               venom fang          death bite
72  Cyclops             CYCLONE KICK        MEGA OPTIC BLAST
73  Elektra             NERVE STRIKE        NINJA SHADOWS
74  Nightcrawler        TELEPORT            teleport hyper
75  Marrow              BONERANG            STINGER BONES
76  Songbird            Decibel Barrage     shatter scream          GLIDE
77  Omega Red           DEADLY SPORES       SPORE UNLOCK            death aura?
78  Rhino               RHINO CHARGE        rampage
79  Iceman              ICE BOULDER         ARCTIC ATTACK
80  Storm               TYPHOON             lightning storm
81  Cable               PSIMITAR            Time Flip
82  Colossus            giant swing         super armor
83  Gambit              kinetic card        cajun explosion (diagonal Ion Wave) or royal flush (more custom sprites but more iconic)
84  Magneto             hyper grav          Magnetic Shockwave (Ion Wave) or Magnetic Tempest (Arctic Attack) / 8-way air dash
85  Psylocke            Psy-Blast (fireball) or Ninjitsu (teleport) / Maelstrom (spinning blades) or Kocho-Gakure (butterfly swarm)
90  Daredevil           hightened senses
91  Miss Marvel         solar orb           prism blast
99  Spiral              MIRROR DANCE        metamorphosis (autocombo w/ all chars)

Released chars I plan to support in the future:

    Harley Quinn
    Green Arrow
    Cable               Psimitar            Time Flip
    Colossus            Giant Swing         Super Armor
    Gambit              Kinetic Card        Royal Flush
    Psylocke            Psy-Blast/Ninjitsu  Maelstrom
    Magneto             Hyper Grav          Magnetic Tempest
    Silver Samurai      Shuriken            Multiple Samurai
    Shuma-Gorath        Mystic Smash        Chaos Dimension
    Blackheart          Dark Thunder?       Armageddon
    Apocalypse          tendril grab?       Gigantic transformation (temporary)
    Sabretooth          Berserker Claw      Weapon X


* (future): v2.5
  - new custom attacks and animations for a bunch of power sets (too many to name, courtesy of Jet the Phoenix)

* 11 Jan 2012: v2.2.1
  - new level-1 hyper: Quick Snack (QCB + PP/KK), steals a random powerset from someone off-screen
  - fixed this readme to include the command for Feeding Frenzy (weak kick + hard punch or weak punch + hard kick)
  - bugfix to Feeding Frenzy: air version didn't have any sound effect
  - bugfix to re-enable palettes 7 through 12 (which got accidentally disabled)
  - changed command for Power Overload: now it's F,D,DF + punch & kick of equal strength

* 04 Jan 2012: v2.2b
  - disabled (for the moment) the unfinished stub of the Quick Snack hyper (it'll be back!)

* 02 Jan 2012: v2.2
  - new special: Feeding Frenzy
  - bugfix to Superman/Heat Vision special
  - bugfix: Lobo clones / Elektra shadows now behave properly on round end
  - bugfix: Erradicator hyper beam wasn't being removed if you got hit out of it
Power set updates:
  - added support:
    - Wally West Flash

  - new moves for existing power sets:
    - Fernus the Burning (Martian Manhunter hyper)
* 27 Jul 2011: v2.11 (RC2a)
  - fixed Invisibility and Intangibility effects (Invisible Woman & Martian Manhunter power sets)
  - corrected crouching medium kick hit sound
  - added power stealing support for Blackest Night Hal Jordan & Dexstarr
  - removed unnecessary debugging code that got accidentally left in the last version
  - fixed alignment bugs in the "junk food" intro
  - fixed bug with Superman's hyper that got you stuck in an infinite loop if the first hit missed / was blocked
* 25 Jul 2011: v2.1 (RC2)
  - added damage dampener
  - fixed a bug that blocked some stages from displaying their foreground elements
  - fixed various sprite issues (smart palette bugs in throw, punch, and Rhino charge)
  - added lose & time-over anims
  - added air medium & hard punches
  - added crouching medium punch & kick
  - tweaked & improved the AI (still not expert-level, but better)
  - changed Power Overload hyper: added sounds, tweaked effects and damage
  - fixed missing sprite detail/shading on Power Absorbsion special

Power set updates:
  - added support:
    - newest DCvM version of Ghost Rider
    - DC/Marvel template characters (he gets a random powerset from that universe)
  - new moves for existing power sets:
    - Superman hyper (Speed Fury)
    - Flash hyper (Speed Force; incomplete)
    - The Atom special (Subatomic; thanks, Angelus Ecks & McCready)
    - Capt. America hyper (Final Justice)
    - Iceman hyper (Arctic Attack)
    - Mr. Fantastic special (Elastic Slam; has minor sprite issues)
    - Thing hyper (Clobberin' Time)
    - Elektra hyper (Ninja Shadows)
    - Thanos hyper (Rock Walls; incomplete)
  - fixes to existing power set moves:
    - fixed Lobo hyper to include hyper BG while clones are active
    - finished Iceman special (Ice Boulder) by adding sounds and explod effects
    - finished Thing special (Yancy Street Express)
    - changed Human Torch hyper (Supernova)
    - changed Omega Red hyper: now it triggers an "activation" of any death spores currently touching the opponent, making them flare out and do more damage
    - fixed Nightcrawler special (transparency issue)
    - fixed bug with Thor's special that caused Rudy-clones if the lightning was blocked/cancelled by P2's special move
    - fixed animation issues with Juggernaut's special and Hulk's hyper
    - changed Invisible Woman special (to match Sue alpha)
    - changed Invisible Woman hyper (to match Sue alpha)
    - tweaked sound effects in Marrow special & hyper
    - fixed visual bug with Eradicator's hyper (the beam wasn't long enough to always cover the width of the screen)
    - Tweaked Green Lantern hyper (replaced projectile sprites)
    - finished Wolverine special (Berserker Barrage)
    - partially implemented Songbird's special (I'm not happy with the effect, though)
    - tweaked Songbird's gliding fall

  - power sets with buggy moves (to fix in the next release):
    - Wonder Woman hyper (never ends)
    - Spider Man hyper (never ends)
    - Flash hyper (never ends)
    - Red Lantern hyper (starting sprite is messed up)
    - Star Sapphire (spammable)
    - Iron Man hyper (it's just incomplete)
    - Dr. Doom hyper (photon shocks don't move properly)
    - Deadpool hyper (won't always trigger)
    - Thanos hyper (hitdef parameters aren't right)

* 2 Jan 2010: v2.0 (RC1)
  - better effects for Feeding Time and Projectile Absorb specials
  - TONS of new power sets, move tweaks, and bug fixes
  - new smart palette (courtesy of my new partner, Jet the Phoenix)

* 19 Apt 2009: v0.99c
  - fixed Wonder Woman hyper (thanks, Rod!)
  - added support for T.O.P.S.'s Silver Surfer
  - fixed the issue that allowed you to generate multiple sets of clones with Lobo's hyper
  - tweaked the forward & back dashes (added sparks & sounds, etc)
  - AI! (still not super-smart, but way better than before)

* 17 Apt 2009: v0.99b
  - Added missing dash anims (forward & back)
  - Added air recovery anim
  - Strong Guy hyper: Blanka Envy
  - fixed Flash special: Superspeed Punch
  - added power set placeholders for Starfire, Bane, Erradicator, Nightwing, & Mongul
  - Starfire special: Star Sphere
  - Wonder Woman special: Fierce Olympian (not finished yet)
  - Eradicator special: Flying Punch
* 12 Apr 2009: v0.99
  - First official public release. Still lots of missing/unfinished stuff.


Rudy owes a lot to other creators who have graciously allowed me to mimic (and in some cases copy) their characters' moves.
Likewise, many people have lent images, ideas, and sprites that all contribute to the character as he is today; this 
character would not have been possible without them.
Here are some of the people that have really gone out of their way to help me out... if I've missed you, I'm sorry! 
Let me know and I'll credit you in the next release.

Thanks to:
- Jet the Phoenix for jumping in with both feet as my partner and co-creator. A lot of what you see in this version is his work.
- McCready for the portrait, walk, standing hard kick, and some other edited Sabertooth legs (modified from Guido's)
- Jeff for the gethits, standing hard punch, and grab
- Sei for the hyper portrait and new stance
- ShockDingo for the voice
- Hobgoblin and Acey for helping out at the last minute with misc sprite cleanup
- HyperCombinationFinish for the "frozen" sprites
- tenchimuyo4ever for the "shocked" sprite
- everyone at ScruffyDragon that helped beta test the April "0.99" release
- Grim & Bonzai ( for the Venom spritesheet
- Carnificina for his great tutorial on implementing super armor
- FlowaGirl for her many code tutorials & tips... you'll notice I use them quite a bit :^)
- The folks on the ScruffyDragon, Warmachine Madness, & Prime Central Station forums for feedback, support, and ideas.
- The entire DC vs Marvel / Scruffy Dragon team... a more talented, loyal group of friends than any I've ever had before online.
- DC Comics for making and shephering an amazing universe, and Bruce Timm for introducing me to the character through Superman: The Animated Series.
- and YOU! For playing. =)

Sprites and sounds from other characters:
- Magus for the Kryptonite code, and for moves from Batman, Crystal, and Iron Man
- McCready for moves from Strong Guy and Sandman
- Wucash for moves from Ghost Rider, Etrigan, and Darkseid
- Angelic Charon for moves from Invisible Woman
- Warner (aka Warrior) for moves from Thing (La Mole)
- Loganir for moves from Thor, Sandman, and Wonder Woman
- SethZankuten for moves from Spider-Man, Superboy, Carnage, and Darkseid
- Hannibal and Kal-Elvis for moves from Superman
- McCready for Luthor's Kryptonite Ray beams
- Mambojambo for moves from Plastic Man (Borracha)
- zvitor for sprites and adapted code from Omega Red and Aquaman

- Buyog's email:    
- Buyog's webspace: 
- Scruffy Dragon webspace:
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