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#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import sys
Author: Christopher Steel on behalf of Voice of Access
Copyright: Copyrighted (c) by Massimo Di Pierro (2007-2011)
web2py_clone becomes part of the web2py distribution available
on Pypi via 'pip install web2py'
web2py_clone is one of multiple commands that become available after running
'pip install web2py' in a virtual environment. It requires
mercurial to be installed in the virtual environment.
web2py_clone creates a local clone from the Web2py google code
project in the directory "./web2py," a directory called web2py
one directory up from the location of this script.
def main():
iwd = cwd = os.getcwd() # set initial and current working directories
script_filename = os.path.realpath(__file__)
script_dirname = os.path.dirname(script_filename)
print ("cwd now: %s" % cwd)
print ("command failed %s" % cwd)
cwd = os.getcwd()
print ("cwd now: %s" % cwd)
source = ""
target = os.path.join('..','web2py')
print ("attempting to clone %s" % source)
print ("to %s" % target)
if os.path.isdir(target):
print ("found directory called web2py at %s" % target)
print ("is web2py already installed?")
print ("aborting clone attempt")
os.system("hg clone %s %s" % (source,target))
os.chdir(iwd) # return to our initial working directory
cwd = iwd # set current working directory
print ("web2py-clone failed in second try statement %s" % cwd)
if __name__ == '__main__':