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##Frank is an open source Wordpress theme designed for speed

This theme has been the personal project of P.J. Onori with the gracious help of Jon Christopher. The theme was designed to provide a lightweight theme focused on the reading experience. Frank consists of the parent theme (/frank) and a child theme (/somerandomdude) which is what I use at

###Frank is fast

Frank's main focus is speed. The parent theme's default home page makes 9 database queries and consists of 2 requests weighing ~29Kb (9.3Kb gzipped). Frank keeps it basic—no Javascript frameworks, no unnecessary images, just a simple, no-frills, screaming fast blog.

###Frank is flexible

Frank has several different layouts to choose from for your home page. Most layouts let you specify the number of posts to show and from what categories. Templates can be stacked by any amount and order to give you the structure you need. Additionally, there are plenty of well-placed widgets that will give you that extra level of customization.

###Frank is forward-thinking

Frank is built on HTML5 and CSS3. The theme strives for 100% valid HTML5 templates. One way Frank is so small is that it uses CSS3's effects and transitions to avoid unneeded images and Javascript. One side effect of this approach is that Frank does not support Internet Explorer 6 and moderately supports Internet Explorer 7 & 8.

###Frank fits on your phone

Frank uses a subset of Foundation to provide a responsive layout for desktops, tablets and phones. Add this to the theme's small footprint and you have a mobile-optimized blog.

###Frank is for you

This theme is 100% open source and developer friendly. The parent theme (/frank) is under the GNU Public License and the child theme (/somerandomdude) directory is under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

###Frank ain't finished

There is always more to do, but I need help. This project relies on community support, so if you find this theme helpful, please contribute.