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DEPRECATED: This project is no longer maintained by BuzzFeed.

The maintainers of this project no longer work at BuzzFeed and so we are no longer supporting this repository. Check out a more updated fork of the project here.

No Maintenance Intended


A super simple plugin manager for

If you just want to download and use the latest stable version of the app, visit

Note: If you experience any crashes after having previously used a version from GitHub, try clearing out the contents of ~/Library/Application Support/Sketch Toolbox/ and restarting.

If you want to run the latest (potentially unstable) code, you can do so by opening this project, and clicking the Run button in the upper left corner. If you run into any problems, or have any kind of feedback or suggestions, please create a GitHub issue.

Current priorities are to add in some more basic functionality and getting the UI to look a lot nicer.

Please feel free to get involved if you're interested. You can email me at me @ or find me on Twitter.

Special thanks to: