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#!/usr/bin/env tclsh
# fix_content_length_header.irule
# Customer had an issue where certain pages in application would return
# multiple Content-Length headers (breaking RFC2616). The first Content-Length
# header was accurate. This iRule will only flag files within the bad_files
# data group (String dg with keys only) and upon response only return the first
# Content-Length header.
set modify_cl 0
if {[class match [HTTP::uri] contains bad_files} {
set modify_cl 1
if {[string is true $modify_cl]} {
foreach value [HTTP::header values "Content-Length"] {
if {![info exists content_length]} {
set content_length $value
HTTP::header remove "Content-Length"
HTTP::header insert "Content-Length" $content_length
unset content_length
unset modify_cl
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