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This java program is intended to be used as a MudClient.  It sends telnet
strings in the exact format they are entered by the user.  The strings 
received by the server are given a color based on there content and displayed
as is to the screen.

BuzzTrollMud has only been tested with java version "1.4.0"
Other version of java may work but have never been tried.

Use this all you want, just don't make money off of it and give credit where
it is due.  Ummm and consider it GPL.

Build requirements:
  - Java 1.4.0+ (
  - Apache Ant 1.5.1 (

To Build

  1) Ensure Java is properly installed (the Java executable is in the path).
     To test if Java is in the path and is of the right version type:

     % java -version 

  2) Ensure Ant is properly installed (the Ant executable is in the path).
     To test if Ant is in the path and is of the right version type:
     % ant -version

  3) To compile the code and create the ./BUILD/BuzzTrollMud.jar file run:   

     % ant

  4) To create the binary installation of the BuzzTrollMud run:

    % ant dist -Ddist.dir=<install dir>

     If -Ddist.dir is not specified an installation directory is 
     created under ./BUILD/BuzzTrollMud-${version}/ directory.

To Run

From the binary installation directory run:

  % ./bin/


Configuration information will be stored in the directory $HOME/.btmudrc

There is a smaple configuration file included with this distribution
located at ./MCS.xml.  You need not understand this file to use BuzzTrollMud.
The application has a configuration GUI to help create these for you.

Using it

Follow the instruction in build and run.

The first time you start there will be no connections.  To add a connection
click on File->Add.  This will bring up a configuration window.  You must 
fill in all information on the "Host" tab, the rest are optional and can be 
configured later.  Once you are finished filling in information click "Save".
A Connection should now start.

Several connections can be added to a single instance of BuzzTrollMud.  To add
more simple go through the process described above.  As coonections are added
new tabs will be added.  There will be at most 2 connections per tab.

To reconfigure a connection simply right click on the connection window you
wish to reconfigure.  From the menu that pops up select "Configure".

There currently is no way to remove a connection built into the app.  To do 
this goto the directroy ~/.btmudrc.  In that directory you will find a 
xml file for every connection you added.  To remove a conneciton simply delete
the appropriate file.

adding jabber support
   add interceptor
      catch send messages before they go out on the wire
focus problem
    when click on output window it takes the focus, 
    focus should always goto input window
remove a connection
saving state of GUI
    size of window
    fonts on each connection
    ordering of conections
    default font


o MudFrame take directory as an argument
o remove dependency on jfontchooser
o remove dependency on axis


A java mud client



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