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Ruby client for statsd.
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This is a simple client for statsd. It's roughly equivalent to the php and python examples included in the statsd repo. I put it in a gem to make it easy to install, reuse, etc.


require 'rubygems'
require 'statsd' = 'localhost'
Statsd.port = 8125

Statsd.increment('some_counter') # basic incrementing
Statsd.increment('system.nested_counter', 0.1) # incrementing with sampling (10%)

Statsd.decrement(:some_other_counter) # basic decrememting using a symbol
Statsd.decrement('system.nested_counter', 0.1) # decrementing with sampling (10%)

Statsd.timing('some_job_time', 20) # reporting job that took 20ms
Statsd.timing('some_job_time', 20, 0.05) # reporting job that took 20ms with sampling (5% sampling)

Statsd.gauge('some_gauge', 1337)               # sending gauge values
Statsd.gauge('system.nested_gauge', 1337, 0.1) # sending gauge with sampling

# passing a block to `timing` will capture the time it takes to execute
Statsd.timing('some_job_time') do
  # do some job
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