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Lightning fast zero dependency library for embedding gists on your webpage.


Add script tag


Add code element to your webpage with data-gist-id attribute

<code data-gist-id="5457595"></code>

Global settings and init

  • You can add an object with settings to window.GistEmbedSettings before you include the gist-embed script tag
  • Settings supported:
    • baseURL: Specify a base url used to fetch the gist. Defaults to
  • You can run the init to parse the elements at any time. This is useful when your code element is added after the script tag include has already parsed the elements on page load.
    • window.GistEmbed.init(): This will parse all the elements again that have a data-gist-id attribute.


You can add attributes to your HTML Element that modify the gist embed.

  • data-gist-hide-line-numbers
    • type: string ('true')
    • Removes all of the line numbers in the left hand gutter of the gist
  • data-gist-hide-footer
    • type: string ('true')
    • Removes the gist footer
  • data-gist-caption
    • type: string
    • Places a header above the gist with your chosen caption string
  • data-gist-file
    • type: string
    • If the gist has multiple files, specify the filename you want to show
  • data-gist-line
    • type: string
    • Line numbers you want to show. The rest are removed.
    • Examples:
      • 1,2,3 // Only shows lines 1, 2 and 3
      • 1-4 // Only shows lines 1, 2, 3, and 4
      • 1-4,8 // Only shows lines 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8
      • 1- // Shows lines 1 to the end
  • data-gist-highlight-line
    • type: string
    • Line numbers you want to highlight. Uses the same syntax for line ranges as data-gist-line



  • I recommend using VSCode to develop
  • Install prettier VSCode extension
  • npm install


  • To start the dev server: npm run dev
  • This starts webpack with a local web server and hot reloading
  • navigate to http://localhost:8080/
  • webpack serves the compiled TypeScript index.ts to /dist/gist-embed.min.js when in development mode


  • Please add unit tests for your new code.
  • npm test
  • Use Rewire methods to get access to private functions in index.ts. See tests/index.test.js for examples.
  • Add an example to index.html


  • Update the README with the new jsdelivr script based on new version bump
  • Husky, a git hook tool, will automatically lint and run prettier when you git commit as well as run jest tests and create the prod minified bundle.


What happened to blairvanderhoof/gist-embed based on jQuery?

  • My old github account couldn't be recovered, so starting with a new repo here.
  • I always wanted to rewrite gist-embed to not use jQuery and simplify the code.
  • Going forward, this will be where all gist-embed code will reside.

Can I still use blairvanderhoof/gist-embed?

  • That account will probably go away soon. If you really need to rely on it, I suggest forking it before it's removed.

But I like using jQuery!

  • This will be a plain vanilla JS library from now on.
  • The gists should load much faster now that we are removing jQuery as a dependency.

How did you lose your old account?

  • Lesson learned - always keep up to date 2FA recovery codes if you have 2FA enabled on your account and lose your authentication app :(