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;; Collin Lynch
;; 1/28/2003
;; Copyright Kurt VanLehn.
;;; Modifications by Anders Weinstein 2002-2008
;;; Modifications by Brett van de Sande, 2005-2008
;;; Copyright 2009 by Kurt Vanlehn and Brett van de Sande
;;; This file is part of the Andes Intelligent Tutor Stystem.
;;; The Andes Intelligent Tutor System is free software: you can redistribute
;;; it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
;;; License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3
;;; of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
;;; The Andes Solver is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
;;; along with the Andes Intelligent Tutor System. If not, see
;;; <http:;;;>.
;; This file contains the CMD struct along with specific predicates
;; to test and set various portions of the struct. This file appears
;; in both the LogProcessing/CmdReader/ and HelpStructs modules. The
;; CmdReader translates each lofgile into a sequence of cmds using the
;; code in this file. The help system will translate the students
;; actions as they occur into a sequence of cmds for use in runtime
;; processing.
;; Each CMD represents a single workbench or help system action as
;; recorded in the logfile. The actions are typically DDE's DDE Posts
;; or DDE-Commands. The functions in the file are currently geared
;; towards these three types although they can be used to track other
;; command types as necessary.
;; The cmdresult structs are used to represent the results of the students
;; actions such as color-red, color-green etc. These results can be used
;; as necessary to keep track of the students behavior and the systems
;; responses.
;;;; ===================================================================
;;;; CMD Struct
;;;; when they exists and the current result. In theory the results
;;;; should be identical.
(defstruct CMD
Class ;; One of Help-Request, State, Post, etc
Type ;; Either DDE, DDE-POST,
Time ;; The Time that it occured (Htime)
text ;; used only for delete-equation-cmdp
Result ;; The result either Nil DDE-Res or DDE-Failed
;;;; --------------------------------------------
;;;; CMD class
;;; non-eq entries such as assert object are dde's that post a
;;; value to the system. As such they get a status return val
(defun noneq-entry-cmdp (Cmd)
"Is this command a non-equation entry?"
(equalp (cmd-Class CMD) 'noneq-entry))
;;; lookup-eqn string is our only eqn entry function. If Async-mode
;;; is 0 then this will be posted as a dde and get a status-return-val
;;; if it is 1 then this will be posted as a dde and we will get a
;;; EQ-Result as an asynchronous call sometime later. This distinction
;;; will be handled by the cmdreader.
;;; If async is set to 1 and a lookup-eqn-string appears as a dde then
;;; the system will throw an error.
(defun eq-entry-cmdp (Cmd)
"Is this cmd a equation entry?"
(equalp (cmd-Class CMD) 'eq-entry))
;;; Deletions remove an entry either equations or nonequations from the
;;; screen. Deletions are distributed as dde-posts and get no return
;;; value. If noe is found as a dde then an error will be thrown.
;;; !!! [Bug 1254]] (lookup-eqn-string "") is a deletion when it comes via a
;;; DDE-POST (and effectively a deletion if it comes otherwise as well).
;;; But it doesn't get the 'Delete class tag set in its Class field
;;; (see make-cmd call which uses lookup-command->class). So this won't
;;; detect those deletions. See delete-equation-cmdp below.
(defun Delete-cmdp (Cmd)
"Is this cmd a deletion?"
(equalp (cmd-Class CMD) 'Delete))
;;; help calls are expected to bring back hint responses to they get a
;;; Hint-return-val.
(defun Help-cmdp (Cmd)
"Is this cmd a help call?"
(equalp (cmd-Class CMD) 'Help))
;;;; --------------------------------------------
;;;; Composite types
;;;; These predicates detect supersets of the specific classes that
;;;; are used for some of the predicate tests.
;;; Return t if the cmd is an entry command
;;; either noneq-entry or eq-entry
(defun entry-cmdp (cmd)
"Is this an entry command (either eq or noneq)?"
(or (eq-entry-cmdp Cmd)
(noneq-entry-cmdp Cmd)))
;;;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------
;;;; APIS
;;;; All of the cmds call APIs of some kind. Typically we will want to
;;;; access and compare those calls as necessary in order to determine
;;;; whether two cmds address the same object and so on. The code in
;;;; this section is used to identify individual commands and to extract
;;;; information from them such as the arguments to the api call, the
;;;; call itself and the ID. This code can be addressed directly or
;;;; called by the other comparison commands in this section as it is
;;;; below.
;;;; Note:: The CMD does not store information such as the ID in it in
;;;; the same way that the Type or Class information is stored.
;;;; When the user elects to extract the api-id or arguments this
;;;; information must be looked up from the list in a method that
;;;; is version-dependent. It might be better to amend this so
;;;; that the api-calls are stored in some other way and that the
;;;; relavent infornmation is compiled into the cmd for faster
;;;; access. For now the interface will be left as-is.
;;; --------------------------------------------
;;; Call tests.
;;; These functions are used to id specific api-calls
;;; that we want to track and make use of.
;; Note: delete-cmdp does not work for equation deletions
;; sent as DDE-POST of (lookup-eqn-string "" id) [Bug 1254]
(defun delete-equation-cmdp (CMD)
"Test whether this is a delete-equation or lookup-eqn-string \"\""
(and (eql (cmd-type CMD) 'DDE-POST)
(eql (cmd-command CMD) 'LOOKUP-EQN-STRING)
(eql (cmd-text CMD) "")))
;;;; ========================================================================
;;;; Result Struct
;;;; The result struct is an internal storage device for the DDE-Results and
;;;; the dde-faileds.
;;;; If this is a dde-result then the value slot will contain one of the
;;;; dde-result classes and their value(s).
(defstruct CMDResult
Class ;; one of dde-failed or dde-result.
Value ;; The value of the result:
;; status-return-val or dde-result or nil
Assoc ;; An assoc if one is present
Score ;; A set-score if one is present. This is new in 2004.
;;; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; dde-result structs.
;;; There are three types of dde results. The root dde-result struct below
;;; contains only three fields the Command Value and Menu fields which will be
;;; filled if the system contains a command or hintspec (which will be treated
;;; as a show-hint command).
;;; In practice each result will be one of the 3 specific result-type structs
;;; that I have listed below the base struct. These add specificc fields onto
;;; the base struct value and are used to allow specificity at runtime without
;;; pushing special-case code out into the handlers.
(defstruct dde-result
Command ;; The dde-result command.
Value ;; The value of the command.
Menu ;; An optional menu field that goes with the command.
;;; status-return-val
;;; status-return-vals are returned when calls are made to generate entries
;;; such as equations, vectors and so on. The fields below contain the
;;; contents of the return value.
(defstruct (status-return-val (:include dde-result))
Coloring ;; A coloring indicating what should be done with the entry
;; in question one of Red, Green, or Nil (no change).
Errors ;; A list of possible error fields to be used with argument
;; hints if necessary.
;;; hint-return-val
;;; hint-return-values are retunred as a result of help calls such as
;;; get-proc-help and explain-more. They will be a command most likely
;;; show-hint. The Andes spec allows a naked hintspec to be supplied as
;;; a result of these. The system will spoof these to be a show-hint.
(defstruct (hint-return-val (:include dde-result))
;;; Eqn-results
;;; Equation results are returned from calls to the algebra system.
;;; they will contain both equation strings and the usual optional
;;; command field.
(defstruct (eqn-result (:include dde-result))
Eqn ;; The equation string.
;;; -------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; Command parameters.
(defconstant +show-hint+ 'Show-hint "The show-hint command.")
(defconstant +show-lesson+ 'Show-lesson "The show-lesson command.")
(defconstant +training-card+ 'training-card "The training-card command.")
;;; -------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; dde-result command tests.
;;; -------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; When dealing with show-hints the value will be a tuple of the form
;;; (<HintString> <Menu>) This code facilitates getting that for the
;;; user if it is appropriate. (note no typechecking is done.)
(defun show-hint-ddr-menu (Result)
"The dde result menu is returned."
(dde-result-menu Result))
;;; -------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; DDE Hint Results
;;; For code's sake these functions extract the hint text from a show-hint-cmd
;;;; ========================================================================
;;;; Command Result Tests.
;;;; The predicates in this section are used to classify commands according
;;;; to their results.
;;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; General result-tests
;;; The tests in this section check the state of the incoming commands
;;; irrespective of their type. These are valid on any command that
;;; recives a status return-val as its result. This includes all entries
;;; all answer attempts, and many state commands such as open-problem
;;; and read-student-info.
;;; A cmd is incorrect when it it has a result, that result has
;;; a status return val and that status return val is color red.
;;; ------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; Entry status tests.
;;; These functions test whether the incoming command is an entry and
;;; test its state.
;;; General entries.
;;;; ----------------------------------------------------------------------
;;;; Hint Tests.
;;;; These predicates test whether or not the returned value from the
;;;; command includes a show-hint command and, if so what type of hint
;;;; it is.
;;; Return t if this command has a result, the result is a cmdresult struct.
;;; And the struct contains a show-hint command.
(defun show-hint-cmdp (CMD)
"Does this command return a dde-result?"
(let ((Result (cmd-result CMD)))
(and Result (cmdresult-p Result)
(setq Result (cmdresult-value Result)) ;; returns the val.
(dde-result-p Result)
(equal (dde-result-command Result) +show-hint+))))
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