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;; Collin Lynch
;; 4/10/2001
;;; Modifications by Anders Weinstein 2002-2008
;;; Modifications by Brett van de Sande, 2005-2008
;;; Copyright 2009 by Kurt Vanlehn and Brett van de Sande
;;; This file is part of the Andes Intelligent Tutor Stystem.
;;; The Andes Intelligent Tutor System is free software: you can redistribute
;;; it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
;;; License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3
;;; of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
;;; The Andes Solver is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
;;; along with the Andes Intelligent Tutor System. If not, see
;;; <>.
;; This file defines the PSM Graph and associated
;; code within it. At SGG time the graph is stored
;; as a flat list of lists. At Help time this list
;; needs to be modified to contain the structs
;; encapsulating the information. These structs can then
;; be indexed to generate the Entry table.
;; This file contains code to index the graph and to
;; obtain other informaton from it.
;;; action types used as part of actions that appear in action lists
;;; and solution graphs
(defconstant +do-operator+ 'DO
"Action prefix meaning that an operator is executed")
(defconstant +next-operator+ 'SG
"Action prefix meaning that a subgoal is being started for an operator")
(defconstant +goal-unified-with-fact+ 'WM
"Action prefix meaning that a goal unified with a working memory element")
(defconstant +goal-unified-with-effect+ 'OP
"Action prefix meaning that an operator was started")
;; PSM Graph.
;; Equation nodes and given Qnodes have psm graphs below them.
;; the code in this section deals with those lists and the
;; modification of them.
(defun cssplit-p (wm)
(equalp wm 'split))
(defun csnext-p (wm)
(equalp wm 'Next))
(defun csjoin-p (wm)
(equalp wm 'join))
(defun cschoose-p (wm)
(and (listp wm)
(eql (car wm) 'choose)))
(defun cswm-p (wm)
(and (listp wm)
(eql (car wm) +goal-unified-with-fact+)))
(defun csop-p (wm)
(and (listp wm)
(eql (car wm) +goal-unified-with-effect+)))
(defstruct (cssg (:type list))
(Label +next-operator+)
(defun cssg-p (wm)
(and (listp wm)
(eql (car wm) +next-operator+)))
(defstruct (csdo (:type list))
(Label +do-operator+)
entries ;only used by help system
(defun csdo-p (wm)
(and (listp wm)
(eql (car wm) +do-operator+)))
;; SystemEntry and csdo are interdependent structures
(defun csdo-enteredp (do)
"Return t iff the entry attached to the do has been entered."
(let ((Entries (remove-if #'systementry-implicit-eqnp
(csdo-entries do))))
(and Entries
(loop for e in Entries
always (SystemEntry-Entered e)))))
;; psm graph modification.
(defun psmg->help-psmg (Graph)
"Given an mreadable psm graph list set it up as necessary."
(dotimes (n (length Graph))
(when (listp (nth N Graph))
(cond ((csdo-p (nth n Graph))
(setf (csdo-effects (nth n Graph))
(kb-effects->help-effects (csdo-effects (nth n graph)))))
((equalp (car (nth n Graph)) 'choose)
(setf (nth n Graph)
(psmg-choose->help-psmg (nth n Graph)))))))
(defun kb-effects->help-effects (Effects)
"Cycle through the list of effects converting them from kb form to help form."
(loop for E in Effects
collect (kb-prop->help-prop E)))
(defun psmg-choose->help-psmg (choose)
(cons 'choose
(loop for G in (cdr choose)
collect (psmg->help-psmg G))))
;; Find prop in graph
(defun find-prop-in-path (prop path &optional stack)
"Go through path and find any instances of effect prop, returning prerequisite steps for the associated op."
(dolist (step path)
;; ignore wm, op, sg
((or (cswm-p step) (csop-p step) (cssg-p step)) nil)
((csdo-p step)
(when (csdo-entries step) (push step stack))
(dolist (effect (csdo-effects step))
(when (unify effect prop)
(return-from find-prop-in-path stack))))
;; 'SPLIT' (beginning of unordered) (not implemented)
;; Choose alternate paths.
((cschoose-p step)
(dolist (x (cdr step))
(let ((y (find-prop-in-path prop x stack)))
(when y (return-from find-prop-in-path Y)))))
(T (warn "invalid graph form ~A" step)))))
;;; PSM Graph Collections.
;;; For the purposes of some code it is necessary to collect info
;;; on the contents of the PSM Graphs. This code does that by
;;; cycling though the graph and pulling out the relevant info.
;;; psmgraph-mapcar
;;; Cycle through each element in the psm graph splitting the
;;; search applied to chooses and return the results of calling
;;; function on each element. This code also ignores splits
;;; next's and joins. Note that this returns a flat set without
;;; ordering or matching the graph form. Other times this may be
;;; changed to preserve the ordering but not quite yet.
(defun psmgraph-mapcar (func Graph &optional (Result nil))
"Apply the mapcar to the graph."
(cond ((null Graph) Result)
((not (listp (car Graph)))
(psmgraph-mapcar func (cdr Graph) Result))
((and (listp (car Graph))
(eq (caar Graph) 'Choose))
(psmgraph-choose-mapcar func (cdar Graph) Result))
(t (psmgraph-func-mapcar func Graph Result))))
(defun psmgraph-choose-mapcar (func Choose Result)
"Apply the mapcar to the elements in choose."
(cond ((null Choose) Result)
(t (psmgraph-choose-mapcar
func (cdr choose)
(append (psmgraph-mapcar func (car Choose))
(defun psmgraph-func-mapcar (func Graph Result)
"Apply the function to the car of graph and cycle."
(let ((tmp (funcall func (car Graph))))
(if (null tmp) (psmgraph-mapcar func (cdr Graph) Result)
(psmgraph-mapcar func (cdr Graph) (cons tmp Result)))))
;;; psm-opapps
;;; Given a psm graph collect all of the operator apps
;;; within the graph via the psmgraph mapcar code.
(defun collect-psmgraph-csdos (graph)
"Collect the csdo's from the psmgraph."
#'(lambda (d) (if (csdo-p d) d))
;;; Psm-effects
;;; Collect the effects from the psmgraph and return them.
(defun collect-psmgraph-csdo-effects (graph)
"Collect the effects from the psmgraph csdos."
(mappend #'csdo-effects (collect-psmgraph-csdos graph))
:test #'equalp))