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;;; Modifications by Anders Weinstein 2002-2008
;;; Modifications by Brett van de Sande, 2005-2008
;;; Copyright 2009 by Kurt Vanlehn and Brett van de Sande
;;; This file is part of the Andes Intelligent Tutor Stystem.
;;; The Andes Intelligent Tutor System is free software: you can redistribute
;;; it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
;;; License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3
;;; of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
;;; The Andes Solver is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; GNU Lesser General Public License for more details.
;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License
;;; along with the Andes Intelligent Tutor System. If not, see
;;; <>.
;; Collin Lynch
;; 4/9/2001
;; This file defines the System Entry struct including
;; IO operatons for it and indexing operations.
;; Tjis struct is used by the help system to compare entries.
(defvar **Debug-prematurity-tests** NIL "Debugging flag.")
(defconstant +correct+ 'Correct "Correct interpretation.")
(defconstant +forbidden+ 'Forbidden "Forbidden path.")
(defconstant +dead-path+ 'Dead-Path "Dead path interpretation.")
(defconstant +incorrect+ 'Incorrect "The Entry has no interpretation.")
(defvar *SG-Entries* () "The System entries from the bubblegraph.")
(defvar *SG-Eqns* () "Equation list with eqn-index->entry mappings.")
(defvar *help-last-entries* () "List of SystemEntries for which the termination of the most recent help sequence was constructed. Used to determine assignment of blame for bottom-out hint.")
;; dynamically bound to correct entry if known before calling turn
;; generator, so generating functions can use it. Generating functions
;; should know if error handlers set a correct entry or not.
(defvar *correct-entry* NIL)
;;; The constants below are used only by the Help Solutiongraph
(defconstant +premature-entry+ 'Premature-Entry
"Reflects that the entry is premature.")
(defconstant +premature-subst+ 'Premature-Subst
"Reflects (for eqn entries only) a premature substitution of values.")
(defstruct (SystemEntry (:print-function print-SystemEntry))
Index ;Index in the entry list.
Prop ;The Entry proposition for this node.
children ;Children props, through inheritance.
Sources ;Cognitive steps that produced this.
State ;State of the system. This is a private element:
;; it is only read via function SystemEntries->State
;; and only set via function make-SystemEntry
Prereqs ;The set of sets of system prerequisites
;; that must be satisfied to produce this.
CogLoad ;The cognitive load of the systementry.
Entered ;A list of student entries that have entered
;; this system entry. If nil, it has not been entered.
;; For Multiple-choice, set if correct, nil if wrong or not attempted.
;; Set via StudentEntry-Cinterps when student entry is correct.
;; For answer boxes, set if correct, nil if wrong or empty.
in-Sg-Solutions ;whether this entry is listed in *Sg-Solutions*
model ;Model sentence.
optional ;level of optionality, currently Boolean; see Bug #972
(graded (make-graded)) ;Graded object.
(defun print-SystemEntry (Entry &optional (Stream t) (level 0))
"Print out the system entry."
(pprint-indent :block Level Stream)
(format Stream "[SystemEntry: ~A ~S ~A ~A ~A opt:~A]~%"
(SystemEntry-Index Entry) (SystemEntry-Prop Entry)
(SystemEntry-State Entry) (if (SystemEntry-Entered Entry) t nil)
(SystemEntry-CogLoad Entry)
(SystemEntry-optional Entry)))
(defun print-full-SystemEntry (Entry &optional (Stream t) (level 0))
"Print out the system entry."
(pprint-indent :block Level Stream)
(format Stream "[SystemEntry: ~A~%" (SystemEntry-Index Entry))
(pprint-indent :block Level Stream)
(format Stream " Prop: ~S~%" (SystemEntry-Prop Entry))
(pprint-indent :block Level Stream)
(format Stream " Sources: ~A~%" (SystemEntry-Sources Entry))
(pprint-indent :block Level Stream)
(format Stream " State: ~A~%" (SystemEntry-State Entry))
(pprint-indent :block Level Stream)
(format Stream " CogLoad: ~A~%" (SystemEntry-CogLoad Entry))
(pprint-indent :block Level Stream)
(format Stream " Prereqs: ~A]~%" (SystemEntry-Prereqs Entry)))
(defun SystemEntries-PropEqualp (X Y)
"Return t iff X and Y are equalp in all elements save state and Sources."
;; need unify to handle keywords properly
(unify (SystemEntry-Prop X) (SystemEntry-Prop Y)))
(defun SystemEntry-Sets-propequalp (X Y)
"Are sets X and Y Prop Equalp."
(loop for E in X
unless (find E Y :test #'SystemEntries-PropEqualp)
return nil
finally (return t)))
(defun merge-duplicate-systementries (Ents)
"Merge the duiplicate system entries in the list."
(when Ents
(let ((R (list (car Ents))) (tmp))
(loop for E in (cdr Ents)
when (setq tmp (find E R :test #'SystemEntries-PropEqualp))
do (merge-SystemEntries E tmp)
else do (push E R))
(defun merge-SystemEntries (X Y)
"Merge SystemEntry X into SystemEntry Y."
(when (not (SystemEntries-PropEqualp X Y))
(format t "Incompatible System Entries for merge ~%~A~%~A~3%" X Y)
(print-full-systementry X)
(print-full-SystemEntry Y))
(merge-SystemEntry-States X Y)
(merge-SystemEntry-Sources X Y)
(merge-SystemEntry-optionality X Y)
(merge-SystemEntry-Prereqs X Y))
(defun merge-SystemEntry-Sources (X Y)
"Merge the SystemEntry source lists."
(setf (SystemEntry-Sources Y) ; Merge the source lists.
(append (SystemEntry-Sources X)
(SystemEntry-Sources Y)))
(dolist (O (SystemEntry-Sources X)) ; set the do pointers.
(when (not (csDo-p O))
(error "Non Do supplied as a source ~A" O))
(setf (csdo-Entries O)
(cons Y (remove X (csdo-Entries O))))))
(defun merge-SystemEntry-States (X Y)
"Merge the System Entry States."
(cond ((equalp (SystemEntry-State Y) +forbidden+)
(if (equalp (SystemEntry-State X) +correct+)
(setf (SystemEntry-State Y) +correct+)))
((equalp (SystemEntry-State Y) +dead-path+)
(if (equalp (SystemEntry-State X) +forbidden+)
(setf (SystemEntry-State Y) +forbidden+))
(if (equalp (SystemEntry-State X) +correct+)
(setf (SystemEntry-State Y) +correct+)))))
(defun merge-SystemEntry-prereqs (X Y)
"Merge the prerequisites for X and Y."
(cond ((SystemEntry-Prereqs Y)
(dolist (P (SystemEntry-Prereqs X))
(when (not (member P (SystemEntry-Prereqs Y)
:test #'SystemEntry-sets-PropEqualp))
(push P (SystemEntry-Prereqs Y)))))
(t (setf (SystemEntry-Prereqs Y) (cons nil (SystemEntry-Prereqs X))))))
(defun merge-SystemEntry-optionality (X Y)
"Merge the optionality for X and Y."
;; Should handle cases of "allowed", "preferred", Bug #972.
(when (null (SystemEntry-optional x))
(setf (SystemEntry-optional y) nil)))
;; sg-subst-preconds-syents
;; In order to deal with inconsistencies that arise from the
;; mergeing of states the system here cycles through the preconds
;; of each entry in the index ensuring that they point to other
;; entries in the index.
(defun subst-prereqs-sysents (Entries Index)
"Cycle through the list of sysents ensuring consistency."
(dolist (E Entries)
(setf (SystemEntry-Prereqs E)
(loop for Pr in (SystemEntry-Prereqs E)
collect (loop for P in Pr
collect (find-SystemEntry (SystemEntry-Prop P)
;; Find systementry that matches a given prop
(defun find-SystemEntry (Prop &optional (Entries *sg-entries*))
(find Prop Entries
:key #'SystemEntry-Prop
:test #'unify))
;; State testing code.
(defun systementry-equationp (Entry)
"Is the systementry an equation?"
(eqn-prop-p (SystemEntry-Prop Entry)))
(defun match-systementry->eqn (Entry Eqns)
"Find a matching eqn for the systementry."
(when (systementry-equationp Entry)
(find (cadr (SystemEntry-Prop Entry)) Eqns
:key #'Eqn-Algebra :test #'equalp)))
;; (match-systementry->eqn-type sys-en (problem-eqnindex *cp*))
(defun match-systementry->eqn-type (Entry Eqns)
"Get the eqn type of the matching systementry."
(let ((eqn (match-systementry->eqn Entry Eqns)))
(when Eqn (eqn-type Eqn))))
;;; In some cases we need to test whether or not the systementry
;;; is implicit I.E. optional. This code does that by fetching
;;; the entry's eqn type and returning t iff it matches
;;; 'Implicit-eqn' Ugly fucking hack.
(defun Systementry-implicit-eqnp (Entry)
(eq 'Implicit-eqn (car (Systementry-Prop Entry))))
;;; When what we want out of a systementry is it's algebraic
;;; form that can be obtained directly from the prop provided
;;; that it is an eqn entry. This function does that.
(defun get-eqn-systementry-algebra (Entry)
(when (SystemEntry-Equationp Entry)
(cadr (SystemEntry-Prop Entry))))
;;; There are two classes of systementry prematurity.
;;; The first class is that of premature entries. In
;;; This case there exist prerequisties of the entry
;;; that have not themseleces been entered.
(defun SystemEntry-PrematureP (Entry problem)
"Return t iff prerequisite entries of this entry have not yet been entered."
(when (SystemEntry-Prereqs Entry)
(let ((r (test-systementry-prereqs Entry)))
(format t "****************************************************************************~%")
(format t "Match results:~% ~W~%"
(match-systementry->eqn-type entry (problem-eqnindex problem)))
(when **Debug-Prematurity-Tests**
(format t "All Prereqs: ~A~%Unfinished Prereqs:~A~%" (SystemEntry-Prereqs Entry) r))
(not (member nil R)))))
(defun test-systementry-prereqs (Entry)
"Remove the unfinished prereqs from the entry."
(loop for P in (SystemEntrY-Prereqs Entry)
collect (remove-if #'SystemEntry-Entered P)))
(defun SystemEntries-PrematureP (Entries problem)
"Test if the list of system entries is premature."
(when **debug-Prematurity-tests**
(format t "Testing for prematurity ~%~A~%" Entries))
(let ((r (loop for E in Entries
when (SystemEntry-PrematureP E problem)
return it)))
(when **Debug-Prematurity-tests**
(format t "Result: ~A ~%" R))
;;; The second class of prematurity is that of substitution prematurity.
;;; In this instance equation entries are tested to determine if the
;;; student has substituted numbers in before they have defined all
;;; values. The mechanics of this have nto yet been defined so the
;;; system is stubbed for now.
(defun systementries-premature-substp (Entries)
"Test whether the eqn entries represent premature substitution."
(loop for E in Entries
when (SystemEntry-premature-substp E)
return it))
(defun systementry-premature-substp (Entry)
"Stub as we are unsure of the mechanics of this."
(declare (ignore Entry))
(defun SystemEntries->State (Interp)
"Get the correctness of the interpretation."
(let ((s +correct+))
(dolist (E Interp)
(cond ((eq (SystemEntry-State E) +forbidden+)
(setq s +forbidden+))
((and (eq (SystemEntry-State E) +dead-path+)
(not (eq s +forbidden+)))
(setq s +dead-path+))))
;;;; SystemEntries arranged according to solution.
;; ================================================
;; Solution struct.
(defstruct sgsol
(defvar *SG-Solutions* () "The set of solutions to be done, type sgsol.")