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;;;; -*- Lisp -*-
;;;; above sets emacs major mode to Lisp
;;;; This sets up a web server to use json-rpc to
;;;; handle request methods.
(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage :web-server-asd (:use :cl :asdf))
(in-package :web-server-asd)
;; Match instructions in the INSTALL file: don't do ssl when
;; loading huncentoot.
(push :hunchentoot-no-ssl *features*) ;we have apache to do this
(setf SB-IMPL::*DEFAULT-EXTERNAL-FORMAT* :utf-8) ;for rfc2388.asd
(defsystem :web-server
:name "Web Server"
:description "Web Server"
:depends-on (hunchentoot cl-json)
:default-component-class ;make *.cl default extension
:components (
(:module "Base"
:components ((:file "log-condition")
(:file "web-server"
:depends-on ("log-condition"))))))