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1 parent 361f55c commit 833e87641edac5d0a90c5d35f4fd83d5d3ab606b @bvds committed Mar 16, 2009
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@@ -2685,6 +2685,7 @@
(tinsidep-include-endpoints ?t ?t-at))
(not (given (dir (relative-position ?b2 ?b1 :time ?t-at)) . ?whatever)
(tinsidep-include-endpoints ?t ?t-at))
+ ;; test must be after the (not ...) or an error if ?b1 is unbound.
(test (not (equal ?b1 ?b2))) ;make sure the objects are distinct.
;; make sure this is not known to be zero-length from at-place stmt.
(not (at-place ?b1 ?b2 :time ?t-at) (tinsidep-include-endpoints ?t ?t-at))

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