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commit 5315f0cf466d8859d38bebb4374500aae6df5bc6 1 parent 9369f91
@bvds authored
Showing with 4 additions and 2 deletions.
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6 Help/
@@ -799,7 +799,7 @@
(string-trim match:*whitespace* rhs)))
(complete (parse-get-complete parses))
- (valid (parse-get-valid 'expression complete)))
+ (valid (parse-get-valid 'expr complete)))
;;(format t "Parsed ~A~%" (concatenate 'string lhs "=" (string-trim " " rhs)))
;;(format t "Okay parse!!!~%~A~%" valid)
(if valid
@@ -1269,7 +1269,9 @@
;; read numbers, if possible
((eq (car expr) 'number)
- (or (read-from-string (second expr)) (second expr)))
+ (or (let ((*read-default-float-format* 'double-float))
+ (read-from-string (second expr)))
+ (second expr)))
;; intern symbol-units
((eq (car expr) 'symbol-number)
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