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Welcome to the EntLib adapter for appinsights

EntLib adapter for app insights has been released as pre release version with AI Core SDK 0.17.0 Pre version. Teams can download the latest version from Nuget. Since the release is a pre release version please report the bugs if you see any.

The adapter works for new version of app insights (Azure new portal) and also visual studio version of it. If you see any issues with visual studio version try adding component id attribute to app insights listener. Component Id is the identifier of your component in app insights visual studio portal

Example: <add name="AppInsights TraceListener" type="Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.EntlibTraceListener.FormattedAppInsightsTraceListener, Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.EntlibTraceListener" listenerDataType="Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.EntlibTraceListener.Configuration.FormattedAppInsightsTraceListenerData, Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.EntlibTraceListener" filter="All" />

This pre release version of adapter will work with both enterprise library logging 5.0 and 6.0. Min supported .NET version is 4.0. Here are the possible combinations of usage.

  • 4.0 version of adapter works with ent lib 5.0
  • 4.5 version of adapter works with ent lib 6.0

If you want to use ent lib 5.0 version of logging on .Net 4.5 version of application, remove the net45 references adapter from project and refer net40 version of adapter.

For more information on application insights Click Here.

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