HydraBus Shield / Breakout board for ESP-WROOM-32 or ESP-32S
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HydraESP32 HydraBus v1.0 Shield for ESP-WROOM-32 V1.1 Rev1.0 (Tested)


HydraBus Shield / Breakout board for ESP-WROOM-32 or ESP-32S.

This shield can be used with or without HydraBus board, you can even cut HydraBus specific right side (on the line) to have a tiny ESP-WROOM-32 breakout board.

It is not mandatory to solder the components on this shield in order to use it, you will just need to connect +3v3 on VCC Pin header

  • New features versus previous version V1.0 Rev1.1:

    • Added LDO (TPS73633DBVR SOT23-5) to convert 5V(VUSB) to a clean VCC (+3.3v) for ESP32 and which can be enabled by an HydraBus Pin or with a JUMPER on J7 (which connect +3.3V from HydraBus to EN of the LDO)
    • Added VCC connector in order to measure ESP32 current/power consumption (if not used to measure current just add a JUMPER on VCC to power the ESP32)
    • Added J6 connector to have access to ESP32 SPI FLASH IOs (now all pins are available)
  • This shield can be used only on bottom of HydraBus board (in order to use other shields on top of HydraBus)

  • The HydraBus board is a small (60mm x 37mm) and low cost, multi-tool extensible board with STM32F405 Cortex M4F 32bits MCU @168MHz with a fully open source firmware hydrafw and full online documentation hydrafw wiki

  • The ESP-WROOM-32 is a low-power 32-bit 240 MHz dual core MCU Wi- Fi+BLE combo module that highly integrates TCP/IP network stacks, 12- bit ADC and HSPI/SDIO/UART/PWM/I2C/I2S interfaces. See ESP32 Overview, ESP-WROOM-32 link/info, Espressif Products Overview including ESP-WROOM-32 PDF

  • Design based on official esp_wroom_32_datasheet_en.pdf (September 26, 2016)


Qty Value Device Package Parts Description
1 - ESP_WROOM_32 or ESP-32S ESP-WROOM-32 or ESP-32S U1 Espressif ESP-WROOM-32 or ESP-32S Module
1 - TPS73633 SOT23-5L U2 Texas Instrument LDO
1 2.2uF CAPACITOR_NPOL-0603 C603 C1 SMD Non-Polarized capacitor
1 1uF CAPACITOR_NPOL-0603 C603 C2 SMD Non-Polarized capacitor
2 100nF CAPACITOR_NPOL-0603 C603 C3, C4 SMD Non-Polarized capacitor
2 10K RESISTOR-0603 R603 R1, R2 SMD Resistor
1 - HYDRABUS_SHIELD_M2X7 J1 2x7 Pin header
4 - HYDRABUS_SHIELD_M2X10 J2, J3, J4, J5 2x10 Pin header
2 - HYDRABUS_SHIELD_M1X6 J6, SWD_DEBUG 1x6 Pin header
2 - Jumper - 2 Pin J7, VCC Jumper 2 Pin
2 - CON_HEADER_1X02-PTH J7, VCC 1x2 Pin header

Note1: LDO U2 can be also replaced by MIC5319-3.3YD5-TR (Microchip)

Note2: If you do not want to solder those components you can avoid them and directly connect HydraBus 3v3 to VCC Pin near J5 marking

For more details see also HydraBus_1_0_Shield_ESP_WROOM_32_v1_1_Rev1_BOM.csv

Tested with success with an ESP-32S Module from Ai-Thinker (it is recommended to use official Espressif ESP-WROOM-32)

HydraBus__Shield_ESP_WROOM_32_v1_1_Rev1 with ESP-32S

HydraBus_1_0_Shield_ESP_WROOM_32_v1_1_Rev1_Top: HydraBus_1_0_Shield_ESP_WROOM_32_v1_1_Rev1_Top

HydraBus_1_0_Shield_ESP_WROOM_32_v1_1_Rev1_Bottom: HydraBus_1_0_Shield_ESP_WROOM_32_v1_1_Rev1_Bottom