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1 parent 73bcee5 commit 3dcc3d56ee6448f663576168f6f7a560eebb09df @geemus geemus committed Aug 18, 2011
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+0.11.0 08/18/2011 73bcee507a4732e071c58d85793b7f307eb377dc
+Stats! { 'downloads' => 202791, 'forks' => 237, 'open_issues' => 20, 'watchers' => 1427 }
+MVP! Brian Hartsock
+ Added commands for streaming distribution lists. thanks Christopher Oliver
+ describe security groups parser was not taking into account ipPermissionsEgress and therefore returning unexpected results when the account had VPC groups. thanks Christopher Oliver
+ Added missing 'platform' attribute to server model and describe instances request. thanks Christopher Oliver
+ fix 'Path' handling for get_group response. thanks Nick Osborn
+ add missing update_server_certificate request. thanks Nick Osborn
+ Allow string or symbol hash keys. thanks Aaron Suggs
+ Added basic tests for get_bucket, fixed a bug in get_bucket with delimiter option, tests succeed for both mocked and real situation. thanks Erik Terpstra
+ policy should be base64 encoded and not contain new lines. thanks Fujimura Daisuke
+ Require 'multi_json' was lucked. thanks Fujimura Daisuke
+ add server base class to contain shared stuff (scp/ssh). thanks geemus
+ Whitespace removal. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Allow image mocks to support state (except failed). thanks Dylan Egan
+ fix pluralization of modify_image_attribute. thanks geemus
+ update modify image/snapshot attribute to match latest API. thanks geemus
+ add modify_image_attribute. thanks geemus
+ add support for saving assigned tags at server creation time. thanks geemus
+ add docs for new options on run_instances. thanks geemus
+ guard tag creation against empty tag set. thanks geemus
+ fixes for bootstrap and placing attributes json. thanks geemus
+ identity not needed for setup. thanks geemus
+ fix for running nice with mocked test run. thanks geemus
+ Updated test for new expected response from server. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Updated Account format test to allow valid_credit_card flag. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Added IPv6 address to format now it is exposed to API. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ DRY up request method. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ Corrected attribute name. thanks Paul Thornthwaite
+ position in format is string, not integer. thanks geemus
+ dry generate_unique_domain to tests helper. thanks geemus
+ cleanup of initial implementation. thanks geemus
+ fixes to play nice with mocked test runs. thanks geemus
+ add host/port/scheme to recognizes. thanks geemus
+ add task to build/publish supported services matrix. thanks geemus
+ alphasort doc tasks. thanks geemus
+ if creating an s3 directory (bucket), one needs to pass in :location as well as have the aws connection set to the correct region... thanks Adam Greene
+ - Write files as binary (otherwise UTF8 - ASCII errors can occur) - Check if File exists before trying to delete it (paperclip sometimes deletes files twice) - Check if Directory exists before trying to "cd" into it. thanks Andre Meij
+ Fix issue 464, add howto for European Rackspace cloud. thanks Andre Meij
+ Initial support for adding/deleting a load balancer (requests only). thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Complete lifecycle for a load balancer. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Improved error handling. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Model and collection for load balancers. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Fixed issues with loading all LB params. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Requests for nodes. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Rackspace Load Balancers: model classes for nodes. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Rackspace Load Balancers: requests for virtual ips. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Added virtual IP models. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Rackspace LB: Made some updates from the pull request. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Rackspace LB: protocols, algorithms, and connection logging. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Added access list requests. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Rackspace LB: Added session persistence requests. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Rackspace LB: Connection throttling requests. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Rackspace LB: Fixed issues with connection logging model. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Rackspace LB: Health Monitor requests. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Rackspace LB: account usage request. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Rackspace LB: Load Balancer Usage requests. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Rackspace LB: Added model capabilities for a lot of additional actions. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Rackspace LB: models for access lists. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Rackspace LB: account usage call. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ Rackspace LB: Refactoring and cleanup. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ register_image mocking support. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Remove GENTOO_AMI. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Store it under the ID, not the name. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Allow tag filtering for images. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Set imageOwnerAlias to self. Not 100% on this, but it will allow you to search for images with 'owner-alias' => 'self'. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Back to using Owner. A couple of tests for it too. thanks Dylan Egan
+ Added support for delimiter option in Fog::Storage::AWS::Mock object. thanks Erik Terpstra
+ Link to EBS snapshots blog post. thanks Gavin Sandie
+ Add force stop functionality to AWS Instance. thanks John Ferlito
+ * Changed LoadError to Fog::Error::LoadError when missing configuration * When running from command line, rescue the exception, and print the help message. thanks Mark A. Miller
+ * Fix VirtualBox in compute case statement. thanks Mark A. Miller
+ Update to the latest VirtualBox gem while we're at it for good measure. thanks Mark A. Miller
+ add dynect DNS provider with session request implemented. thanks Michael Hale
+ add dynect provider and cleanup extra requires. thanks Michael Hale
+ enable mocking for dynect. thanks Michael Hale
+ parse session request and fix mock for tests. thanks Michael Hale
+ whoops forgot to add these files. thanks Michael Hale
+ temporary rake task for convenient testing. thanks Michael Hale
+ include /REST in all requests. thanks Michael Hale
+ change API-Token to Auth-Token. thanks Michael Hale
+ add zone request. thanks Michael Hale
+ fix API-Token in mock session request. thanks Michael Hale
+ always run both mock and non-mock tests. thanks Michael Hale
+ parse the list of zones returned. thanks Michael Hale
+ require builder in dynect. thanks Michael Hale
+ WIP: add stub model classes. thanks Michael Hale
+ tests passing. thanks Michael Hale
+ rename zone request to zones. thanks Michael Hale
+ add zone request to show information for a single zone. thanks Michael Hale
+ hook up zones model. thanks Michael Hale
+ hook up zones.get. thanks Michael Hale
+ dynect: add a bunch of stuff: node_list, list_any_records, handle 307 job redirect,. thanks Michael Hale
+ dynect: nicer filter api for records. thanks Michael Hale
+ Escape source object name when copying. thanks Pratik Naik
+ provide #providers for shared services. thanks geemus
+[rackspace|load balancers]
+ fixed broken tests. thanks Brian Hartsock
+ fixes to play nice with mock test runs. thanks geemus
+ fix typo in tests. thanks geemus
+ cleanup. thanks geemus
+ add newest MVP to changelog task MVP omit list. thanks geemus
+ add stats to changelog. thanks geemus
+ remove un-needed rebuild of gem. thanks geemus
+ fix deprecated get_url usage. thanks geemus
+ simplify region accessor. thanks geemus
+ remove debug output. thanks geemus
+ non-destructively generate id for get('fake') == nil tests. thanks geemus
0.10.0 07/25/2011 9ca8cffc000c417a792235438c12855a277fe1ce
@@ -6,8 +6,8 @@ do |s|
## If your rubyforge_project name is different, then edit it and comment out
## the sub! line in the Rakefile = 'fog'
- s.version = '0.10.0'
- = '2011-07-25'
+ s.version = '0.11.0'
+ = '2011-08-18'
s.rubyforge_project = 'fog'
## Make sure your summary is short. The description may be as long
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
module Fog
unless const_defined?(:VERSION)
- VERSION = '0.10.0'
+ VERSION = '0.11.0'

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