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BVOX Keystone extension

BVOX extension for Openstack Keystone right now just implements a user/tenant query by name API for OpenStack Keystone server. The server can be requested at "/BVOX/[users|tenants]?name={name}" once the extension is enabled editing keystone.conf (a sample is provided at tools/keystone.conf) admin API:

$ curl http://localhost:35357/v2.0/BVOX/users?name=admin
$ curl http://localhost:35357/v2.0/BVOX/tenants?name=admin

Client API

This server extension has Keystone client companion, providing the client part. See keystoneclient-bvox-ext at GitHub <>.

Working with code

See HACKING.rst for guidelines while working with this code. Please do not update HACKING.rst directly, but edit HACKING.rst Gist instead and then re-import here.

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