Sample code to accompany the book Build watchOS Apps by Mark Goody and Maurice Kelly
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Sample Code for Build watchOS Apps

Build watchOS Apps is a book written by Mark Goody and Maurice Kelly -- that's us -- and published by Peachpit Press. If you don't already own the book, why not head over to the companion site ( for more information about it, and links to purchase. If you do own the book, thanks for purchasing!

Getting the Sample Code

The book contains numerous example projects, which we have published to GitHub as a collection of repositories -- one for each chapter that requires it. Below, you'll find a series of links to the individual repos, but the easiest way to get them all in one fell swoop is to pull down this repo, which contains the rest as submodules:

git clone --recursive

If you want to visit the other repos directly, use the following links:

If you have any problems with any of the example code, please raise an Issue in the corresponding repo. The file in the individual repos has more information about what to do in each case.