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Commits on Oct 5, 2012
  1. improve test case for SERVER-5372

    $showDiskLoc does not work with covered indexes in get more
  2. @renctan

    Merge branch 'SERVER-7272'

    renctan authored
  3. buildbot stale_clustered.js also need to check whether mongos knows a…

    Greg Studer authored
    …bout new conns, pending SERVER-7274
  4. buildbot stale_clustered.js slaveOk conn shouldn't be retried, but re…

    Greg Studer authored
    …gular conn should
  5. @renctan
  6. @renctan
Commits on Oct 4, 2012
  1. @renctan
  2. @kchodorow
  3. @andy10gen
  4. @milkie
  5. @matulef
  6. @tadmarshall

    SERVER-7253 use macro for snprintf on Windows instead of function poi…

    tadmarshall authored
    Call _snprintf on Windows or snprintf on other platforms directly instead
    of through a statically initialized function pointer.  Windows code was
    calling sprintf_s, but _snprintf works fine and is already used in other
    places in the code.
  7. @kchodorow

    SERVER-1929 Remove unused heartbeat options from stepdown logic

    kchodorow authored
    Fixed test because stepdown is so much faster that the connection is dead
    by the time ismaster is called.
  8. @kchodorow
  9. @kchodorow
  10. @tadmarshall
  11. @dwight
  12. @dwight

    SERVER-7257 this ticket is manifesting in checkAllVersions(). this ch…

    dwight authored
    …ange is a small mitigation to just
    tell you what shard failed in checkAllVersions. So it doesn't fix the root version but should be
    incrementally helpful. The real solution is probably to do some sort of ShardConnectionException or
    something where at throw time the shard is known and its identity bundled with the error itself.
  13. @dwight

    SERVER-7220 only an incremental improvement so keep ticket open. add to

    dwight authored
    $err object a shard: field in certain cases to help user know where the
    problem context is. q: Is it ok to add such a field to the $err object?
  14. @renctan

    SERVER-5175 Need "failpoints" system to facilitate testing core server

    renctan authored
    Step 1: Implement and test the FailPoint class
  15. @renctan
  16. @kchodorow
Commits on Oct 3, 2012
  1. @RedBeard0531
  2. @stbrody
  3. @dwight
  4. @dwight

    clarify error message. in mongos if you get this message it's pretty …

    dwight authored
    …unclear as a user what is wrong. added the lists of hosts for the clusterconnection so you know what specifically is down. ideally we would say 'all config servers down: their_names' if that is what is wrong as that would be clearer but that would go somewhere up the stack so this is still suboptimal but an improvement.'
  5. @milkie
  6. @milkie

    SERVER-6671 add a 'v' version field to each oplog document

    milkie authored
    The version field will allow us to detect the primary's version.
    We need to know which version because only newer primary oplog streams
    should prevent a secondary from enforcing unique index constraints
    in initial sync or recovering states.  The version field will also be
    useful in the future when we want to make schema changes in the oplog.
  7. @milkie
Commits on Oct 2, 2012
  1. @renctan
  2. @erh
  3. @erh
  4. @milkie
  5. @tadmarshall

    SERVER-7031 don't shut down in Windows on CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT

    tadmarshall authored
    Versions of Windows prior to Windows Vista send a CTRL_LOGOFF_EVENT
    to services (at the handler set by SetConsoleCtrlHandler) when the
    interactive user logs off.  Return FALSE from this notification and
    don't run consoleTerminate().
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