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Team I's chip tester
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Some minor bugs fixed.

latest commit 076bd67b29
Romel Torres authored
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Virtual Chip(SV) edited version
VirtualChip the VHDL version of the virtual chip
bootstrap/linux misc
conf Added the file vector file parser and database configuration. To use …
dist update bits and bobs
doc doc - add some oscilloscope captures of the external clock
frequencyCounter hdl - move freq counter into right place
hdl update bits and bobs
linux-2.6 @ 036d5b6 update submodules
linux patch/overlay - minor reordering, etc
overlay confrd - misc improvements
patchq misc
report_group final version, minor fix in tex. I hope it's final. :P
server Some minor bugs fixed.
toolchain-mmu @ b11d373 add some submodule magic
tools confrd - WIP http, json integration
tools2 @ 7bd938a add some submodule magic
u-boot @ e37ae40 update submodules
uClibc @ e355ed8 add some submodule magic
uClinux-dist @ 7ceec2d update submodules
uboot uboot - improve NOTES a bit
.gitignore gitignore - add .aux
.gitmodules add some submodule magic
DHRYBENCH little benchmark w/ different cache sizes
Makefile update bits and bobs
NOTES add some important NOTES on the new stuff
README readme - added nonsense
TEST Merge branch 'master' of bootstrap - change location of pre-bootstrap files submodules - add overlay and patchq magic add some top-level and Makefile build infrastructure - use bash build infrastructure - use bash


Team I's project.

More info soon.

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