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"Extra mappings *****************************************************
"This mapping is fold-level and fold-state dependent
"map <S-Down> dd p
"map <S-Up> dd <up>P
"Common Plugins
" This variable holds name of all VO modules you want to load. Do NOT use ru
" directly in this file, because you will get into many strange surprises. If
" you do not want to load any VO modules leave it blank (default). This
" variable can be freely modified in ~/.vimoutlinerrc.
"let g:vo_modules2load = ""
let g:vo_modules_load = "checkbox:hoist"
"User Preferences ***************************************************
"let maplocalleader = ",," " this is prepended to VO key mappings
"setlocal ignorecase " searches ignore case
"setlocal smartcase " searches use smart case
"setlocal wrapmargin=5
"setlocal tw=78
"setlocal tabstop=4 " tabstop and shiftwidth must match
"setlocal shiftwidth=4 " values from 2 to 8 work well
"setlocal background=dark " for dark backgrounds
setlocal nowrap
"Hoisting ***********************************************************
"Uncomment and set to 1 to debug hoisting
let g:hoistParanoia=0
"Custom Colors ******************************************************
" Uncomment this next line to force using VO on a light background
" colorscheme vo_light
" Uncomment this next line to force using VO on a dark background
" colorscheme vo_dark
" Or create your own color scheme. You can find sample files in Vim's
" colors directory. There may even be a colors directory in your own
" $HOME/.vim directory.