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2014-03-10 Version 2.0 - Alex Hornung <>
* Documented SIGINFO/SIGUSR1 behaviour in man page.
* Fixed creation (and volinfo) of 2GB+ volumes on 32-bit
architectures, including armhf.
* Try without a passphrase first if keyfiles are provided (issue
* Fixed handling of disks and volumes with 4k sectors (issue #45).
* Add an option to allow TRIM (discards) on the mapped volume
(issue #47).
* Add an option to use a header-in-a-file for most operations.
* Add an option to save a header to a file to the modify operation
(issue #43).
* Complete API redesign.
2013-07-31 Version 1.1 - Alex Hornung <>
Special thanks to Mike Baker, Joshua Escamilla and Alon Bar-Lev
for contributing fixes/improvements!
* Added command to request information on mapped volumes.
* Added support for full disk encryption.
* Added support to query/map volumes using the backup headers
instead of the primary headers.
* Prefixed dm(4) uuids with CRYPT-TCPLAY-.
* Added the 'device' field to all info commands.
* Added command to modify/reencrypt a header, allowing passphrase
and keyfile changes, as well as restoring from the backup
* Improvements to Makefile.classic.
2013-05-15 Version 1.0 - Alex Hornung <>
* Fixed bug in hidden volume protection (issue #28).
* Added cmake build infrastructure (old single-Makefile option
is also still available, using Makefile.classic).
* Changed IV gen in mapped devices to plain64 from plain.
* Fixed bug in passphrase logic - Truecrypt limits passphrases
to 64 bytes (issue #24).
* Added unmap option to command line tool (issue #17).
* Added option to use /dev/urandom for key material, although
this should only ever be used for testing purposes (issue
* Complete API overhaul. See man page for details.
* Added test framework and tests.
* Other minor bugfixes and tweaks.
2012-11-16 Version 0.11 - Alex Hornung <>
Special thanks to Cody Schafer(jmesmon) for providing some of the
fixes and to all the people out there packaging tcplay for their
distros! If there's any way that I can make your life easier, let
me know! Thanks to all the bug reporters as well.
* Restored the library/API to working condition
* Made it possible to pipe in passwords
* Fixed edge case with memcpy copying in and out to the same place
* Given up on -Werror, as some Linux distros have warnings even in
their standard header files.
* Fixed typos