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insecure-erase, z: option documentation added

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1 parent 773b55f commit 48219a0038d8c57d9015d210cfe6c3bdae8eb874 @jmesmon jmesmon committed Oct 6, 2011
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@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ void
- "usage: tcplay -c -d device [-g] [-a pbkdb_hash] [-b cipher]\n"
+ "usage: tcplay -c -d device [-g] [-z] [-a pbkdb_hash] [-b cipher]\n"
" [-f keyfile_hidden] [-k keyfile] [-x pbkdf_hash] [-y cipher]\n"
" tcplay -i -d device [-e] [-f keyfile_hidden] [-k keyfile]\n"
" [-s system_devcie]\n"
@@ -96,6 +96,8 @@ usage(void)
"\t Specifies which cipher to use when creating a new hidden volume.\n"
"\t By default, the same as for the outer volume will be used.\n"
"\t To see valid options, specify '-y help'.\n"
+ " -z, --insecure-erase\n"
+ "\t Skips the erase of the disk. Possible security hazard.\n"
"Valid options for --info and --map are:\n"
" -e, --protect-hidden\n"

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