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tcplay.8 - Add info on unmapping

Requested-by: yannick56
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1 parent 97ed5f9 commit 95f56e9c69086c27a59a327bc02a8dbaeee466f3 @bwalex committed Jan 28, 2012
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@@ -185,6 +185,11 @@ option will point at the actual encrypted partition, while the
argument will point to the parent device (i.e.\& underlying physical disk)
of the encrypted partition.
+To unmap volumes,
+.Xr dmsetup 8
+utility is used.
Create a new TrueCrypt volume on
.Pa /dev/vn0
@@ -255,6 +260,15 @@ Similarly on
.Bd -ragged -offset indent
.Sy mount Cm /dev/mapper/secv Cm /mnt
+Unmapping the volume
+.Sy truecrypt2
+on both Linux and
+after unmounting:
+.Bd -ragged -offset indent
+.Sy dmsetup Cm remove Cm truecrypt2
.Xr crypttab 5 ,
.Xr cryptsetup 8

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