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Identifies and extracts information from bots and other malware. Information is returned in a readable json format. bamfdetect works by reading files into RAM, applying any applicable preprocessors, then applying Yara signatures from modules to determine which module it matches. After a match is located, the module can then extract the configuration from the file.

Currently, only a preprocess for UPX files is supported. This preprocessor writes the file data to a temporary file, then calls upx -d on the temporary file, and rereads the data from that temporary file.

Currently Supported Malware

  • Abaddon
  • Alina
  • Andromeda
  • Backoff
  • BlackShades
  • BlackWorm
  • Bozok
  • CyberGate
  • Cythosia
  • DarkComet
  • Dendroid
  • Dexter
  • DiamondFox
  • Easter JackPOS
  • Elise
  • Evora
  • Genome
  • GlassRAT
  • Herpesnet
  • JackPOS
  • Maazben
  • MadnessPro
  • Nanocore
  • njRat
  • pBot
  • PoisonIvy
  • Pony
  • ProjectHook
  • Solar
  • VertexNet
  • vSkimmer
  • XtremeRAT

Module Development

Until I have time to write a guide for writing modules, please use existing modules as a means of writing your own.


cloud@strife:~$ bamfdetect -h
usage: bamfdetect [-h] [-v] [-d] [-r] [-l] [-m MODULE] [-t THREADS]
                  [path [path ...]]

Identifies and extracts information from bots

positional arguments:
  path                  Paths to files or directories to scan

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --version         show program's version number and exit
  -d, --detect          Only detect files
  -r, --recursive       Scan paths recursively
  -l, --list            List available modules
  -m MODULE, --module MODULE
                        Modules to use, if not definedall modules are used
  -t THREADS, --threads THREADS
                        Number of threads to use

bamfdetect v1.6.15 by Brian Wallace (@botnet_hunter)


  • pefile (python module)
  • yara (python module)
  • rarfile
  • upx (binary)
  • pycrypto
  • pbkdf2


PE files will be checked if they are UPX compressed before being scanned. If they are, they will be written to a temporary file, then decompressed with the UPX utility. Yara rules and extraction will then be applied to the resulting data.

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Identifies and extracts information from bots and other malware




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