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Study year in forest plots #139

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I think this is alluded to in other issues, but I'm repeating to pull it out separately.
Please add a default column with the year right next to the study author.


Will need to add add params$fp_show_col to forest plot params tab, and insert it as fp_show_col2. Then fp_show_col2, 3, 4 will have to be reassigned to fp_show_col3,4,5. Probably should have better names for these (e.g. fp_show_study_col), so that numbering wouldn't matter.

All screen shots for forest plots in doc will need to be updated as well.


Actually, isn't it more common on forest plots to add the year after the study name, but in the same column as the study name? e.g
Carrington, 2011

This would be easier to implement, as it wouldn't require an additional show_col param.


That would be perfect.


Byron - I don't believe years are being passed in to R. Can you add them to the data object?



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