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css Changes related to PFT metric.
images Last call for doc.
js Adding help files to repo.
HowTo_Add_A_New_Method.txt fixed editing UI. no longer are cell contents cleared on editing
analysis.html Updated doc.
analysis_methods.html Doc update
analysis_metrics.html Last call for doc.
analysis_options.html Starting to add stuff for Bivariate and HSROC.
covariate.html Whats up doc?
create_dataset.html Whats up doc?
cumulative_analysis.html Doc update.
data_sets.html Doc update.
data_structures.png continuous meta-analysis now running
data_structures.ppt continuous meta-analysis now running
data_table.html Updated doc.
data_types.html Updated doc.
diagnostic_analysis.html Last call for doc.
diagnostic_only_methods.html Last call for doc.
edit_data_entries.html Whats up doc?
edit_data_set.html Whats up doc?
entering_data.html More doc updates.
example.html Doc updates.
example_binary.html Updated doc.
fixed_effect_example.html Doc update.
fixed_vs_random.html Doc update.
introduction.html Doc update
leave_one_out_analysis.html Doc update.
main_window.html Doc update.
metric_options.html More doc.
navigate_data.html Whats up doc?
openMA_help.html Updated doc.
open_dataset.html Updated doc.
plot_options.html Doc update.
random-effects_methods.html Updated doc.
random_effects_example.html Doc update.
regression.html Doc update.
select_metric.html Adding new doc.
sort_data.html Starting to add stuff for Bivariate and HSROC.
starting.html Updated doc.
subgroup_analysis.html Doc update.
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