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web-based citation screening tool
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Latest commit c7b8b1c May 19, 2016 @jensjap jensjap Several changes to speed up abstrackR dashboard loading.
- Do not check each project at start of dashboard loading.
  Instead we defer to when we load/screen the assignment.
- When we load/screen the assignment we also double check
  the done_so_far count on the assignment object. To do this
  we simply count the number of labels for this user in this
  project for this assignment.
- Made some stylistic changes so that operators have some space
  between them:



    a == b
    a <= b
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uploads need to track uploads folder for new users Aug 20, 2013
.gitignore stop_list.txt is no longer being used. We just hardcoded the list int… Aug 22, 2013 first commit Nov 23, 2010
sample.ini Adds a sample.ini file Aug 20, 2013
setup.cfg Rewrites the ris_to_d method. Feb 3, 2015
sh.exe.stackdump lots of updates -- tags enabled Aug 16, 2011
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